Lexis Advance® Ease-of-Use Options (September 16, 2013)

The Lexis Advance® service provides many ease-of-use options, including the ability to highlight text, create annotations and search using selected text. When you highlight any text in Lexis Advance, a green box with the words “Options for selected text” and a plus sign appear. Clicking the plus sign reveals a list of choices, “Copy clip to clipboard,” “Save clip to folder,” “Search using selected text,” “Create annotation” and “Highlight document.” Select one of those actions from the list, and you are presented with a dialog box for the next step related to that action. This feature enables you to easily save that highlighted text into a work folder, run another search using that selected text, or copy that cite and import it into your brief. In the words of my four-year-old niece, “easy peasy!”