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Use Search and Lexis® tools to conduct legal research without leaving your document.

There’s no need to toggle between your document and research. Without leaving your Word or Outlook® document, you can search all available resources, or select from Lexis®, My Computer, Lexis® Web or your Lexis work folders. You can perform a natural-language search from an easy-to-use, single search box with a convenient pull-down menu that allows you to select your research resource.

With a single click you can open Lexis in a new Web browser while remaining within the context of your drafting and review process. When searching Lexis use robust post-search “narrow by” tools allow you to filter by jurisdiction, court, time period, source, practice area, attorney, law firm, judge and citation.

Also, if your organization has a Lexis® Search Advantage subscription, you can easily navigate and locate your internal work product from within the Search feature.

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