“Your IP: Is it China-Ready?” Webinar

“Your IP: Is it China-Ready?” Webinar

Wednesday, 4/27, 2 – 3:35 P.M. ET 

“Too many American companies go into China or start doing business with Chinese companies, without really knowing the varied risks China poses to their valuable intellectual property and trade secrets,” said Dan Harris, author of the China Law Blog. “These risks should be of utmost concern to anyone whose interests intersect with China. We will show you how to prepare your deals, avoid costly thefts and litigation, and defend your IP.” 

Join Dan Harris of Harris Moure and Randall Lewis, Vice President, International Counsel at ConAgra Foods, as they share strategies and real-life tales that will help government agencies craft regulations and oversight provisions and in-house and outside counsel protect IP and deal with the litigation that results when things go south. 

The experts will discuss: 

    • Choosing a good Chinese partner 
    • Identifying the IP assets that need protection 
    • Structuring your deal to protect your IP 
    • Conducting post-deal due diligence
    • Drafting China contracts to protect your IP 
    • Choosing language for arbitration, forum and the ability to seek local injunctions carved out from any arbitration clause

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