Dramatically improve drafting efficiency in your practice

Dramatically improve drafting efficiency in your practice

It’s no secret that many attorneys use Microsoft Office® software—and take advantage of Lexis Advance® research tools. Among them are quite a few who draft and review case or deal documents. But many don’t know this: It’s possible to access legal research, citation and quote-checking features, EagleEye proofreading tools, a PDF converter and other capabilities directly from within a Microsoft® Word document.

You can also perform several of those tasks—including PDF conversion to Word—directly from a Microsoft® Outlook® email.

Lexis for Microsoft Office is the only legal drafting solution on the market designed in partnership with Microsoft to seamlessly integrate with Outlook and Microsoft Word. Professionals in your practice can use it to dramatically reduce the time needed to review, draft and proofread legal documents.

Once you install Lexis for Microsoft Office, just open a document or email containing legal information, and a LexisNexis® tab displays. Click that tab, and convenient document tools are at your fingertips.

Using the Find All button, you can easily get background information. Lexis for Microsoft Office automatically creates links from the legal entities, terms of art and citations in your Microsoft Word or Outlook file to Lexis Advance research and Shepard’s® validation tools.

Depending on the tool sets you request when you subscribe, you can also use Lexis for Microsoft Office to:

    •  Get Cited Docs—identify legal citations for quick validation in context
    •  Link to Cites—permanently link Lexis Advance® content to your documents
    •  Set and Check Cite Format—efficiently match the format requirements you specify
    •  Check Quotes—quickly validate against source documents
    •  Prepare a Table of Authorities (TOA)—organize your authorities with fast, flexible options … Lexis for Microsoft Office received top rankings for this feature by readers of The National Law Journal® and New York Law Journal®, as well as TechnoLawyer®*
    • Perform proofreading using EagleEye tools:
      • Terms & Phrases—validate defined terms
      • Accuracy—find and correct common mistakes like punctuation errors, spacing variations and inconsistent numbering
      • Completeness—mark items as incomplete as a reminder and mark them as complete to ensure thorough follow up and effective collaboration
    • Choose the types of precedent documents returned when conducting research from Microsoft Word, and use Search & Display to conduct research without leaving your document
    •  Access Lexis Advance® folders for saved and shared documents
    •  Import PDFs—and quickly convert them to Microsoft Word files

Meeting the latest court requirements

More and more attorneys are benefiting from the Link to Cites features as courts increasingly require briefs to include live citation links.

Once you have Lexis for Microsoft Office, you can use Link to Cites at no additional cost. This can save hours of work since you won’t have to manually hyperlink your citations one by one.

Here’s how you can create permanent hyperlinks to citations:

Once your brief is complete, select “Prepare TOA” and insert your Table of Authorities into the document. You can easily format it as desired. 

Select “Link to Cites” to activate the permanent hyperlinks.

Your brief will be ready to meet the court requirements.

Anyone who has access to Lexis Advance will be able to pull up the citation within Lexis Advance. This includes staff in the Federal Courts, where every employee has Lexis Advance access.

Watch the one-minute video on Link to Cites >>

Find out more

For details or to request a free Lexis for Microsoft Office trial, go to www.lexisnexis.com/office.

Coming soon: Watch your email for information on the next release, which will add major enhancements in 2016.

*The National Law Journal readers voted in approximately 70 categories for the best providers of services, products or education to U.S. law firms. Winners were ranked by pure popularity among peers—the choice with the most votes won. New York Law Journal readers voted in approximately 85 categories and chose Lexis for Microsoft Office as best Table of Authority software provider for two years in a row. The Reader Rankings are not a scientific survey or an editorial analysis. The program is administered by the sales and marketing teams at ALM®. TechnoLawyer® reported on nearly 200 new products in TL NewsWire during 2014. When TL subscribers clicked to visit a product’s website and learn more, this action counted as a vote for that product. These clicks were tallied to create the top products list.

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