LexisNexis John R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship

LexisNexis John R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship

 The AALL Executive Board gratefully accepted funding from LexisNexis® to establish the first AALL-endowed scholarship in honor of John Johnson, who died in January, 1994.

Mr. Johnson was Director of the Legal Librarian segment of LIS at Mead Data Central, now LexisNexis Group, and a long-time law library supporter. He believed that librarians are "the only ones who know how real users use real information." Optimistic about the role of librarians in the future, Mr. Johnson believed that law librarians would assume even greater responsibility in the expanding electronic-networked environment.

Mr. Johnson viewed his role as the voice of librarians at LexisNexis® where he began a successful law school program that prepares law school students for their careers. He also participated in programs at LexisNexis® that were viewed by librarians as especially significant educational opportunities such as the annual TRIPLL Conference, which focuses on legal research training in law librarians.

Application Information

Candidates who apply for any of the AALL Educational Scholarships, become automatically eligible to receive the John Johnson LexisNexis® Memorial Scholarship. No separate application is needed. Scholarships are awarded annually at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee. 

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