Lexis Advance® Advanced Search Form

Lexis Advance® Advanced Search Form

Now when you are unsure of a practice area or need to assist an end user in constructing a more focused search, try using the Advanced Search Form.

Users have the ability to construct search queries using a form that aids with segment searching, Boolean search logic and more.

    • Click Advance Search (top right)
    • Fill in the details of search parameters in the fields provided
    • To see specific segment options, click on the content type desired (Cases, Statutes & Legislation, etc.)

NOTE: Segments are specific to content types. Therefore, not all segments work for all content types.

What is the benefit: This feature supports power users by surfacing segment capabilities and supports novice users who are learning to construct search queries.


When you click on Advanced Search you will be taken to the generic Advanced Search form. 

A user can also select a content type to view an advanced form with additional fields tailored to that content type, such as the Cases form below.

Search forms are interactive. As users enter information in the form fields their search query will be constructed at the top of the page. 

The forms can also be useful as a teaching tool, so users can understand how to enter segment searches and assemble more complex queries using the standard big red box search.