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How Political Organizations Benefit from Efficient Research

August 31, 2022 (3 min read)
How to conduct political research

The success of a political campaign hinges on having access to the right information at the right time. But political research is costly. And to make the most of it, campaign managers and their teams need more than a large quantity of information on potential donors and the political opposition; they also need relevant information as quickly as possible.  

That’s because political decision-making is all about timing and messaging. Approaching a donor at the wrong time can mean a lost opportunity to raise funds and gain a faithful supporter. Conversely, accepting donations from someone you didn’t realize was a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) can most certainly send the wrong message to would-be voters. 

Likewise, appealing to a group of backers or going to the media with the wrong message can send the polls in a downward spiral. And failing to unearth useful information on an opponent can mean the failure to slow that opponent’s momentum and put them on the defensive. 

If a political campaign hopes to make the most of its research (i.e., maximize fundraising efforts, perfect campaign messaging and find the chinks in a political opponent’s armor), they need a research tool that’s intuitive and efficient. One that makes a wealth of data on companies, people, news and social content available, while also making it easy to drill down to the most pressing information relevant to what’s happening in the political world in that moment. 

LexisNexis® solutions layer intuitive political research functionality on top of an unmatched collection of data. So political researchers can quickly tap into a wealth of highly reputable sources to gain the news, company, biographical, watchlist and regulatory and legal and US public records necessary for fast and in-depth decision-making.  

Here are three ways political organizations and fundraisers benefit from the intuitive, efficient research made possible by LexisNexis solutions. 

Large-scale media monitoring

Cover the news media—from local reporting all the way to international commentary—on virtually any candidate, any topic and at any time. Solutions like Nexis Newsdesk™ monitors news media and social feeds and makes finding stories or conversations on a specific topic or entity as simple as typing a search phrase into the search bar and adjusting the filters as you see fit. 

You can also set up alerts to be notified of any news related to specific political candidates or hot-button political topics, giving you more time to jump on messaging opportunities or mitigate any risk of political fallout. 

Newsdesk monitors: 

  • Nearly 100K news sources, including proprietary, licensed content 
  • 2.5 million social media feeds 
  • Content from 235 countries and regions and in over 90 languages 

Additionally, Newsdesk adds an average of four million articles and posts every day. And it makes it possible to search for political content in online comments, video transcripts, blogs and more. 

Deeper insights into running mates, campaign team members and donors

LexisNexis solutions take you beyond Federal Election Commission and state compliance to achieve highly effective risk management. Nexis Diligence™ reveals potential conflicts of interest and past associations. You can screen potential teammates and donors against global sanctions data from 1400+ watchlists and PEPs with 1.4 million profiles, their family members and close associates. You’ll know who to bring into the fold, who to approach for donations and who to avoid. 

While Diligence helps you figure out how to avoid, Nexis for Development Professionals enables you to: 

  • Find new political donors and their contact details 
  • Identify the best donors for a specific campaign effort 
  • Create donor profiles (complete with wealth indicators, education, interests, etc.) 
  • Qualify and screen donors or partners 
  • Stay alert to alumni and donor activities 

And because knowing a donor’s wealth is essential to your political fundraising efforts, the two platforms also let you conduct wealth screening based on several financial indicators. 

 Thorough political opposition research 

LexisNexis solutions gives you access to the public records and other datasets necessary to uncover useful insights and formerly unmade connections on your political opponents. And this wealth of knowledge is waiting behind the single search screen of our flagship Nexis® solution. By searching your opponents, known relationships, current and previous employers within Nexis, you gain access to any relevant: 

  • US and international case law and legal documents 
  • Public records 
  • Patents 
  • Trademarks 
  • Treaties 
  • Voting records 

And more. You can also set alerts to stay up to date on the latest developments, as well as your share your findings with your campaign team members. 

Want to learn more? Explore how LexisNexis solutions can take your political campaign research to the next level so you can run your way to victory.