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Lexis® Expert Research On-Demand

Expert Witness Services

Examine the experts with detailed testimonial reports, depositions and challenges—all packaged and delivered to you.

Find the Perfect Expert Fast

Ensure Impeccability

Find out quickly if an expert witness and their testimony is unassailable before investing time and effort. With authoritative, unrivalled resources on 400K+ expert witnesses to draw from, choosing the right expert—or uncovering damaging details not found on Curriculum Vitaes (CV)—has never been easier.

Know Your Adversary

Skillfully depose an opposing counsel’s expert with confidence, equipped with critical and even unpublished information about their prior casework, biases, and behaviors.

Dig Deeper with Enhanced Reporting

See the big picture quickly and clearly with dynamic, visual graphs and charts driven by big data. Then let the On-Demand team compile a thorough report with a variety of documents, including full-text transcripts, cases, verdicts, journals, and news articles.

Save Time and Stay on Budget

Leverage a wide range of resources—no subscription needed. Affordable pricing options make it easy and cost-effective to hand over the work to an accomplished On-Demand team.

What to Expect from Expert Research On-Demand:

Extra transcripts, hold the CV
Expert witness resources your way

Need video of courtroom testimony? Coming right up. Want articles written by an expert? Sure thing. Require details on cases like yours? On it. Seek medical or scientific literature? On its way. Need it faster? Rush services and even in-trial delivery are available on request.

No subscription, no commitment, no problem. Get all the services without the hassle.

Explore services and pricing

Listen to the Evidence

Hear what other legal professionals are saying about Lexis Expert Research On-Demand:

Another source I had been using had 4 references on this person; Expert Research On-Demand had 40.

Paralegal, Small Law Firm

Ever since we started using your services, you have proven to be such an invaluable resource for us. Where have you been all of my life?

Partner, Large Law Firm

In every case Expert Research On-Demand has provided a quick top notch response and accurate information.

Attorney, Small Law Firm

I have worked in medical negligence for 15 years and Expert Research On-Demand has the best expert service I have seen to date.

Paralegal, Small Law Firm

Hands-on is also an Option
Turn on Context on Lexis+® for information in an instant.

Access authoritative, unrivaled resources on 400K+ expert witnesses—independently at any time. And easily locate information on:

  • Expert witnesses
  • Court profiles
  • Judge profiles
  • Litigation intelligence
  • And more


Conduct fast and comprehensive expert witness research without any delay with the valuable and exclusive tools on Context.

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* Comparison data based on information available as of October 2018