Save hours of time-consuming expert witness research with the all–in–one Lexis Medical NavigatorTM solution. This unique medical malpractice litigation tool harnesses the power of comprehensive Lexis Advance® research capabilities.

  • With more than 382,000 expert witnesses on file, you can easily identify, vet and investigate expert witnesses in one place–there’s no need to search multiple disconnected sources.
  • Search by medical condition and jurisdiction—including their past case involvement and background—to easily find the best experts for your case.
  • 72% of surveyed customers using Lexis Medical NavigatorTM locate expert witnesses and conduct background, profile and case history research*
  • Help your witnesses' testimony succeed by educating the jury and judge on the medical topic and situation using Netter images and illustrations in trial demonstrations.

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*Third-party TechValidate® survey issued to Lexis Medical NavigatorTM customers, July 2015.