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The proof is in the telling.

Your peers are using the Lexis Medical Navigator® service for their complex research. It’s the all-in-one solution that can significantly reduce time and expense with trusted medical and legal content and interactive tools.

But don’t take our word for it …

Everything is in one place. It’s easy to use and easy to navigate – one stop shopping.

Solo Practitioner (TVID: DC8-8D8-F05)

Lexis Medical Navigator® has saved me valuable time in researching potential experts. It allows me to search by specialty or search for an individual by name. I used to spend countless hours and money searching for potential experts. Our firm has saved money for my time, saved money for our clients and now rely on my ability to search for journal articles and experts with a certain specialty.

Sherri Morgan, Civil Litigation Paralegal, Wharton Aldhizer & Weaver (TVID: 91C-A29-2DC)

Lexis Medical Navigator® provides a reliable and efficient source of information and saves considerable time.

Associate, 6-10 Attorney Firm (TVID: 049-69B-5C1)

[Lexis Medical Navigator® is a] time saver, it simplifies research and provides reliable materials.

Associate, 11-20 Attorney Firm (TVID: 2FF-580-A0D)

[With Lexis Medical Navigator®] all of the relative research is linked and at my fingertips.

Paralegal, 11-20 Attorney Firm (TVID: E37-751-E15)

I have an easily accessible way to understand the medical issues presented by my cases from the outset which puts me a large step ahead in my learning curve.

Cody Gayer, Associate, Wiggins Sewell & Ogletree (TVID: D19-BF9-6DF)

[Lexis Medical Navigator® is] highly recommended for those with limited medical background experience to eliminate unnecessary internet searches.

Mary Beth Evans, Paralegal, Morgan & Morgan PA (TVID: BBB-326-BFF)

The full view of any case involves the very factors that Lexis Medical Navigator® addresses, the understanding of the medicine, the view of other practitioners, and the assessment of the risks of litigating a case.

Michael Brown, Attorney, Mike Brown Law (TVID: CFB-0FD-420)

I use Lexis Medical Navigator® Navigator as my initial source of information when researching new medical issues. The sheer volume of information ensures I’ll find content that is both helpful and easily understood.

Anna Chapman, Paralegal, Cunningham Bounds LLC (TVID: 513-22F-937)

There are respected journal articles accessible for any medical topic one would need. The articles are resourceful and are our go-to-hub for research on complicated medical issues.

Sherri Morgan, Civil Litigation Paralegal, Wharton Aldhizer & Weaver (TVID: E1C-29D-CE3)

Lexis Medical Navigator® is critical because it helps the attorney decide which way to go on a specific case.

Linda Navas, Legal Assistant, Martinez Manglardi, P.A. (TVID: 576-08E-BBB)

I am able to find everything I need to back up the injuries and support the causation for a client’s claim.

Paralegal, 2-5 Attorney Firm (TVID: D8E-94A-5D1)

Lexis Medical Navigator® uses a combination of visual graphics and descriptions, coupled with research, which aids people with different learning styles.

Paralegal, 2-5 Attorney Firm (TVID: FD3-5AE-AD1)

We use Lexis Medical Navigator® to recruit the best experts and to help us understand the medicine in our cases.

Associate, 2-5 Attorney Firm (TVID: 65C-91C-5C4)

Our firm has been able to take on Lexis Medical Navigator® cases more readily now that we are able to access key tools for these cases, such as expert witnesses, trial settlements, etc.

Associate, 2-5 Attorney Firm (TVID: 485-5BC-AB3)

[Lexis Medical Navigator®] has helped with both case evaluation and research on the standard of care and experts.

Senior Partner, 2-5 Attorney Firm (TVID: C4A-CAB-D24)

Lexis Medical Navigator® uses a combination of visual graphics and descriptions, coupled with research, which aids people with different learning styles.