Think Like A Lawyer (October 2013)

Think Like A Lawyer (October 2013)

It’s the best thing to happen to class and exam prep since highlighters and the 24-hour coffee shop: the case-law game from LexisNexis®

Back by popular demand! Now there’s an updated version of Think Like A Lawyer, the case-law game from LexisNexis. It’s currently available to all law students at NO CHARGE. (See graphics in PDF)

The game is designed to help students spot and analyze issues while preparing for class or exams. Students can play using selected or random cases.

Law School Librarians often alert their students to this fun, free and informative tool. Check it out! 

Play Think Like A Lawyer

1Ls can prepare for class or exams by testing their knowledge of case-law content based on areas of law they are learning about right now.

2Ls and 3Ls can prepare for class, exams—or even the bar— with five levels of questions that increase in difficulty.

Powered by the research technology of the Lexis Advance® service, Think Like A Lawyer is the fun, informative way to get ready for exams—no charge.

Students can compete against friends or find out how your school measures up against law schools across the country on the Think Like A Lawyer leaderboard.

 Train Your Brain for Class or Exams. Play Now