Drafting sound legal briefs from anywhere using updated, timesaving tools

Drafting sound legal briefs from anywhere using updated, timesaving tools

Today many legal professionals are checking cite formats and quotes, preparing tables of authorities, proofreading deal documents and linking to research—all from within Microsoft® Word—using Lexis® for Microsoft® Office. Over the past year, attorneys and paralegals have also been taking advantage of added style manual options and Office 365® integration that makes many features available from mobile devices and Mac® computers. Here’s an overview with updates on the latest enhancements.

Increase legal drafting efficiency from anywhere

For years, lawyers and paralegals were accustomed to toggling back and forth between different tools and resources as they drafted documents. But now, legal professionals have comprehensive resources and tools together in one place with Lexis for Microsoft Office. It’s the only drafting solution on the market designed in partnership with Microsoft to seamlessly integrate with  Outlook®,  Word and Office 365.

Start from your familiar Microsoft Office environment: Just open an Outlook email or a Word document containing legal, business or transaction-related information, and a LexisNexis® tab displays. Click that tab, and a diverse collection of legal drafting tools is at your fingertips. As you use those tools, your document or email displays on the left, and results display in context in a right-hand pane, providing hyperlinks to research, validation, proofreading tools and more.

Count on integration with the Lexis Advance® service: Because Lexis for Microsoft Office tools give you direct access to vast Lexis Advance content, you can take advantage of robust search filtering and work folders—plus real-time signals and comprehensive analysis by experienced attorney-editors via the industry-leading Shepard’s® Citations Service.

You also get Lexis Practice Advisor® integration: Lexis for Microsoft Office integrates with comprehensive how-to resources, including forms, overviews and practice notes for work on deal documents.

Now there’s access from virtually anywhere with Office 365 integration: Users can efficiently produce sound legal documents using a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. 


Saving time—how much is possible?

After surveying Lexis for Microsoft Office customers and analyzing their workflow, LexisNexis identified time savings achievable using Lexis for Microsoft Office.

Check citations 66% faster*

According to Lexis for Microsoft Office customers surveyed, citation checking without legal drafting software can take more than two hours on average to complete. With Lexis for Microsoft Office, surveyed customers reduced the average time to 47 minutes.

Create a table of authorities 52% faster*

Creating a table of authorities can take more than 90 minutes, according to surveyed Lexis for Microsoft Office users. With Lexis for Microsoft Office, those users reduced the average time to 45 minutes.

Check quotes 54% faster*

Surveyed customers said citation checking without legal drafting software can take up more than two hours on average. Lexis for Microsoft Office helped reduce the average time to 47 minutes.

*Based on information available as of August 2017.


Key features and recent enhancements

Lexis for Microsoft Office features are convenient for attorneys involved with deal documents, as well as litigators and paralegals. You can find more information on the full range of document, efficiency and proofreading tools here.

Below are some of the main features for litigation document drafting.


Get Cited Docs

Dramatically cut the time it takes to analyze a brief.

  • View Shepard’s Signal™ indicators for all authorities cited from within your adversary’s brief or your own.
  • Gain one-click access to Shepard’s reports from within your Microsoft Word document.
  • Print all cited authorities at once (or selected ones) from your brief.
  • Print all Shepard’s reports related to authorities cited in your brief at once—or you can choose to print appellate histories only, or include the citing authorities.

New enhancement: Get cited documents for only a portion of the brief by highlighting the desired section.


Check Cite Format

Save time and help ensure that all citations are sound and in proper format for filing. Quickly generate a citation report that flags incorrect cites and suggests substantive and/or format corrections. Users have the freedom to ignore suggestions, make their own corrections or accept suggestions the tool can insert into the brief.

Latest enhancements:

    • In addition to The Bluebook® style, Lexis for Microsoft Office offers several state style manuals including New York, California, Florida and Texas.
    • Paralegals or junior associates can easily print or email the cite checking report to a supervisor for approval of suggested changes.
    • “Correct All” and “Use Current All” buttons make it easy to globally accept or reject all suggestions at once.


Check Quotes

Efficiently validate quotes and pinpoint cites in your own or an opponent’s brief. Quickly generate a report comparing all quotes to the original text and allowing one-click correction or mark-up of inconsistent language, as well as fast correction of erroneous pinpoint cites. Easily link out to the source of the quote for further examination.

Recent enhancements:

    • Ability to mark as “not a quote” any quote that derives from a document other than a legal authority
    • Ability to view the full quote from the source document in the right-hand pane


PDF Converter

Lexis for Microsoft Office makes it easy to convert a brief from PDF format into Microsoft Word format so you can efficiently begin your research, analysis and drafting and take advantage of the full range of features.


Link to Cites

When you need to file electronically in a court that requires hyperlinked briefs, Link to Cites enables you to click just once and insert permanent hyperlinks for access by anyone who has the Lexis Advance service.

2017 enhancement: Select the option to include Shepard’s Signal indicators that link to Shepard’s reports for the cited authorities.


More information

For more details, go to www.lexisnexis.com/office or contact your LexisNexis® account representative.


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