Using Indices in Lexis Advance®

Using Indices in Lexis Advance®

Now it’s easy to access the Index to that indispensable Matthew Bender® treatise on Lexis Advance: just type in the name of the treatise, and the Index, if it is available, will appear in the word wheel.

To search the Index, click on the title itself. It will then place the filter in the search box to the right, so you know what you’re searching. Simply enter your search terms and review the results.

If you’d prefer to browse the Index, click on the TOC icon next to the Index title, which will take you to this screen, where, once again, you’ll have the ability to search either the Index, the full-text documents or both at the same time.

If you’d prefer to browse, just click on the first letter of the alphabet corresponding to the term you’re looking for, and follow the trail.  Once you’ve found the right term, click on it and it will take you to the Index entry for that term.  Note that there are links to the sections in the treatise that discuss your term.

It’s that easy!