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Improve your bankruptcy litigation skills, guide your client through the sensitivities of involuntary bankruptcy and navigate a path forward with the Lexis Practice Advisor® service.

Each case involving bankruptcy proceedings that you touch has a new face that presents unique—and possibly unfamiliar—challenges. Whether you’re seeking to secure a fresh start for your client or advocating on behalf of your organization as in-house counsel, you need to be prepared for last-minute court hearings, emergency automatic stays and surprise assaults from creditors.

The Lexis Practice Advisor service will help you hurdle every obstacle related to bankruptcy and lawsuits. This practical guidance tool provides convenient, all-in-one access to streamlined resources and analysis by practicing attorney authors.

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Lexis Practice Advisor offers the most robust, reliable content on Chapter 11 proceedings and related topics. With over 600 practice notes and forms, quickly get up to speed on every bankruptcy filing that crosses your desk and leverage frameworks for expedited drafting. The Lexis Practice Advisor service also provides insights from Colliers, the industry leader for research and treatises, so you’ll always have the latest information.

The extensive coverage on bankruptcy proceedings provided by Lexis Practice Advisor will allow you to handle client affairs with delicacy and shrewdness to bolster rapport. Increase the authoritativeness of your work with involuntary bankruptcy legal resources, such as quick links to a wealth of secondary materials, including the most current regulations around bankruptcy proceedings.

Gain A Deeper Understanding
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Whether liquidating assets or attempting to extract money owed from debtors, the practical guidance included with the Lexis Practice Advisor service changes the way you approach tasks. Get analysis on how news and trends in bankruptcy and lawsuits affect your clients from expert attorney authors.

Whether working as a solo attorney or surrounded by bustling legal practitioners in a large firm, you’ll always have a place to turn when digging into Mezzanine debt issues or strategizing a plan of reorganization. Lexis Practice Advisor will help you obtain a broader and deeper understanding of key tasks involved with a matter by surfacing the most relevant content to your case.

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No industry is spared from involuntary bankruptcy, which means bankruptcy proceedings overlap with all areas of the law. There are instances when you’ll need a firm grasp of corporate governance in Chapter 11 filings or be required to reference real estate laws when facing a Section 363 sale.

To differentiate yourself in a competitive practice area, stay up-to-date with the latest in every practice area. Leverage the power of Lexis Practice Advisor to fully understand how bankruptcy litigation interacts with other legal topics. Access up-to-date practical guidance for 20+ practice areas—the latest news, law reviews and The Lexis Practice Advisor Journal™ offering analysis on the current state of each practice area.

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