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With unparalleled practical guidance on the latest issues affecting healthcare law, the Lexis Practice Advisor® service offers exceptional legal health content to help you excel in this high-risk field.

Pharmaceutical research complexities, uncharted territory for medical device development licensing, and continuous shifts in healthcare law regulation make practicing life sciences law both technical and exhilarating as medical advancements push legal boundaries. Overlooked legislation or out-of-date compliance standards in the legal health field have profound ramifications.

This practice area differs from other specialized law fields in that the advancement of medicine and science hinges on the quality of your work. Leverage Lexis Practice Advisor’s unique, hard-to-find content to expedite tedious tasks, zero-in on relevant codes that increase the authority of your work, and spend more time understanding the revolutionary biotechnology and lifesaving devices that pertain to the cases on your desk today.

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Keep A Pulse On Regulatory Approval With Key Developments

Gain total visibility on compliance deadlines and dates for submitting comments in response to FDA proposed rules, draft guidance, and other key information with the FDA Drug Regulatory Activity Tracker. Life sciences law materials from Lexis Practice Advisor fill in the gaps when there is not an internally vetted firm model on a specific healthcare law topic—so you’ll never feel out of touch when venturing into unfamiliar territory.

No competitor has the capabilities or tools to keep up with the latest clinical trials or drug research and development. With regulatory trackers and state surveys to navigate regulatory requirements in your region of practice, Lexis Practice Advisor delivers more relevant coverage of life sciences matters in one intuitively organized view.

Keep A Pulse On Regulatory Approval
Develop Legal Health Case Strategies

Develop Legal Health Case Strategies That Scale

Only the Lexis Practice Advisor service offers the convenience and efficiency needed to navigate this risky and rewarding practice area. Each case, client, and life science consulting scenario requires specifically tailored research. With this tool, you’ll be able to access a team of 1,100+ practicing attorney-editors anytime you hit a roadblock or want a fresh perspective. You can expect a rapid response, so you’ll never have to worry about missing a deadline.

As you develop contract research organization agreements and research trade secret fundamentals on behalf of your clients, it’s important to think ahead. With practice notes and health law forms to get your drafting started, you can be more diligent with your legal framework from the start, so you can effectively scale your clients’ growth strategies. The practical guidance offered by the Lexis Practice Advisor service isn’t offered by any other service out there. Get access to task-oriented practical guidance that keeps you on time and organized from start to finish.

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No matter your healthcare law specialization, whether clinical trials, biomedical waste procedures or clinical investigations, Lexis Practice Advisor services can help you level-up.

Lexis Practice Advisor unlocks 20+ practice areas with up-to-date practical guidance and the latest news, law reviews and analysis on the current state of each practice area.

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