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The instantaneous and frictionless flow of data in our information economy has unlocked a world of new possibilities—and presents a torrent of new risks. As a result of this reality, data privacy and security law is a relatively new and rapidly evolving landscape, requiring more data privacy legal resources.

Lexis Practice Advisor is an all-in-one service that provides world-class, authoritative practical guidance from leading data privacy legal professionals. You’ll experience easy, integrated access to the most current information and market intelligence, from GDPR to state law surveys addressing compliance issues across the United States—so you can properly navigate the data privacy field.

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Incidents in which a data breach occurs are increasingly prevalent with the growing reliance on digital systems. The ability to transfer customer data, employee files, financial records and other sensitive information around the world with a few clicks presents inherent unseen liability.

Legal professionals operating within the data privacy and security practice area should be leading conversations around cybersecurity and data breach protocols.

Be ready for the unexpected with Lexis Practice Advisor services. This service offers up-to-the-minute data privacy resources so you can draft more quickly, reduce errors and get up to speed in unfamiliar territory. Have confidence that your work offers unparalleled value and precision with the power of the Lexis Practice Advisor service.

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Shifting Standards Require the Latest Compliance Information


The misuse and abuse of sensitive personal information sparked a firestorm of legislative and regulatory action on a macroscale. The demand for trustworthy data privacy legal resources has increased with the complexity of the global data privacy and security regulatory space.

Organizations rely on legal professionals with specialized expertise to advise on protecting themselves against data breaches and represent them during periods of crisis. Lexis Practice Advisor offers practical guidance from 1,100+ practicing attorneys who are experts in their space—that’s 3.9x more than what Practical Law offers.*

The Lexis Practice Advisor service provides the latest data privacy resources relating to cybersecurity risk management, industry and international privacy compliance like GDPR and regulatory enforcement trackers. Outside of data privacy and security, leverage 20+ other practice areas to find related cases, codes and analysis no matter where your case preparation takes you.

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*Data based on information available as of June 2019.