Evolving Guidance

The Fastest Track from Awareness to Action


It’s one thing to know … and another to know how

Only Evolving Guidance combines industry-leading Law360® news with the latest analytical thinking and trusted practical guidance from the Lexis Practice Advisor® service to help you:

  • Connect developing legal news to deep practical guidance in a single location
  • Stay apprised of the latest news and key developments to hit your practice
  • Know how the news impacts your stakeholders with deep analysis at your fingertips
  • Follow news and issues as they continue to develop, with access to the latest thinking on an issue


  • Antitrust
  • Capital Markets & Corporate Governance
  • Corporate and M&A
  • Data Security & Privacy
  • Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
  • Finance
  • Financial Services Regulation
  • Intellectual Property & Technology
  • Labor & Employment
  • Real Estate


  • Bankruptcy
  • Private Equity

Two Points of Entry into Evolving Guidance

For existing Lexis Practice Advisor customers:

  1. Go to https://advance.lexis.com/practice-advisor-home.
  2. Select the practice area of your choice.
  3. See Evolving Guidance profiled on the practice area page.
  4. Choose from the featured developing coverage items and click on the link.
  5. You will be taken to the full Evolving Guidance coverage page, where you will have the opportunity to select Law360 legal news, First Analysis, practical guidance, related forms, clauses and checklists, and, if applicable, cases, statutes and analytical materials.
Multiple Points of Entry
Multiple Points of Entry

If you are a Law360 customer:

  1. In the Law360 service, certain Expert Analysis coverage includes sidebars titled Evolving Guidance.
  2. Within those sidebars, subscribers will find direct links to related Lexis Practice Advisor Evolving Guidance.
  3. Don’t have a subscription to Lexis Practice Advisor? You can set up a free trial.

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