Intellectual Property & Technology Legal ResourcesRely on Lexis Practice Advisor® services for expert practical guidance on the latest intellectual property law and IT contract law.

Few practice areas have as many diverse specialties as intellectual property and technology law. To identify patent infringement, navigate IT contract law and draft technology licensing agreements, you need expert practical guidance.

To effectively secure and enforce exclusive rights of intangible assets, IP and technology legal professionals require the power of the Lexis Practice Advisor service. This practical guidance tool provides unmatched depth of coverage, especially when it comes to licensing transactions and guidance in corporate transactions.

Lexis Practice Advisor gives you more robust content with 1,400+ total documents, from practice notes, forms, clauses and checklists covering more than 10 specialty areas.

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Establish New IP Law Precedent

The high-tech world moves at a quicker pace than the judicial system, requiring intellectual property law attorneys to handle issues that were nonexistent just a few years ago. Without the right intellectual property and technology law legal resources, professionals working in this practice area find it difficult to identify precedent to build a solid case on.

This reality requires that intellectual property law firms have up-to-the-minute information on cases involving IT contract law. To keep up in the sphere of intellectual property legislation, you need the legal research tools that the Lexis Practice Advisor services offer.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to Transactions Search powered by Intelligize, which gives IP law attorneys the ability to search and find the latest market intelligence.

New IP Law Precedent

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