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Adeptly navigate business and commercial law in your jurisdiction, comply with regulatory requirements and exceed client expectations with the Lexis Practice Advisor® service.

As a commercial transactions attorney, you have to read through contracts with a fine-tooth comb and negotiate forcefully on behalf of your client. Mistakes can be costly when it comes to commercial litigation, which is why you need the most current commercial law in your legal toolbox. Each commercial transaction varies in form and substance, which is why it’s important to have the robust practical guidance only offered by Lexis Practice Advisor.

Close loopholes, intimately understand regulations and draft airtight legal documents with the power of the Lexis Practice Advisor service. You’ll gain access to 1,100+ attorney authors as well as an invaluable collection of assets from commercial transaction attorneys—all with unsurpassed authority in their field.

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Lexis Practice Advisor is practical guidance made simple, with handily-located content that is easy to reference. Legal practitioners can now conduct searches and find all the information needed to be effective in a single platform. The Lexis Practice Advisor service integrates seamlessly with other LexisNexis® products that help you to complete every outstanding task.

As a commercial law expert, you need to spot hidden provisions that could harm your client from a mile away. Stay in the loop on the latest in business and commercial law as well as changes to the Uniform Commercial Code.

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Precisely maneuver through a staggering volume of legal precedent and pinpoint the exact cases, codes and analysis needed to bolster your work. You’ll find an exceptional depth of authoritative resources including forms, drafting notes, clauses and cross-references to critical primary law and secondary materials. No other practical guidance service comes close to offering the level of commercial transactions practical guidance that Lexis Practice Advisor affords.

You’ll unlock an unmatched level of content, especially in the legal vein of outsourcing—including the legal and regulatory requirements and tax issues that may arise with outsourcing. The commercial transactions practice area also conveniently houses eCommerce resources, as well as strong data security and privacy content by expert authors.

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The Lexis Practice Advisor service not only increases efficiency when it comes to commercial transactions law, but it also acts as your safety net when venturing beyond commercial litigation. Access up-to-date practical guidance for 20+ practice areas—the latest news, law reviews and The Lexis Practice Advisor Journal™ offering analysis on the current state of each practice area.

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