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Get a jump on your civil law research with unparalleled practice area depth and civil litigation legal resources from Lexis Practice Advisor® services.

Few practice areas are as demanding or time-consuming as civil litigation. Long hours, tedious research and in-depth discovery are required to successfully prepare for your case.

Without the right legal resources, the research required to build an airtight civil law case can diminish the opportunity to build a strong attorney-client relationship.

This can quickly become a threat, as a lack of rapport with your client undermines your authority as a civil law expert and could even threaten your success in and out of the courtroom.

Lexis Practice Advisor services are the solution you need for your civil litigation practice. You’ll be able to maximize efficiency during your research and case preparation, so your time can be better spent ensuring that your client feels in-the-loop and confident in your civil litigation abilities.

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Robust Preparation For Every Scenario

Litigators represent a variety of clients. This translates to every new case looking vastly different from the last.

Lexis Practice Advisor services keep your case on-track and ensure you’re prepared for every unknown by keeping you up-to-date on the latest in civil law. You’ll gain broader contextual insight on civil lawsuit cases and ascertain compensatory or punitive damages at stake for your client based on civil precedent.

Robust Preparation
Civil Code Database

The Most Current Civil Code Database

Your civil litigation legal dexterity and competence won’t hold up during arbitration or the trial process if you’re relying on outdated civil code.

The Lexis Practice Advisor service is your trusted source for substantive and procedural civil law, as well as the most frequently updated civil code index. With this civil litigation research service, legal practitioners can feel more confident about the accuracy and quality of their work.

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Stay Well-Versed In Practice Areas Outside Of Civil Law


Civil litigation requires familiarity across a broad range of niche legal areas. From tort lawsuits to breach of contract cases, it’s crucial to stay well-versed across a variety of practice areas.

Lexis Practice Advisor services unlock access to 20+ practice areas, offering analysis on the current state of each practice area. This service will give you an edge over your opponent in the latest on civil lawsuit cases, as well as other groundbreaking legal news.

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