Timely, relevant information and convenient decision tools to help you succeed

The right legal, news and business updates and insights can make the difference between dealing with uncertainty and proceeding with confidence. And with convenient resources at your fingertips, you can be prepared to complete significant work in house.

With the Lexis® service, you gain authoritative content and convenient tools for finding what’s relevant, tracking developments, uncovering hidden facts, gaining clarity on case law, and making sound decisions faster for your company.


Gain deep coverage and fast relevance tools

Lexis capabilities are sophisticated, yet intuitive enough for even the newest member of your legal team to use effectively.

  • Gain access to vast content—more than 60,000 trusted legal, news, business and public records sources.
  • Search your way—by entering a citation, terms and connectors or a natural language search—or by using a form or practice page.
  • Fine-tune results by jurisdiction, practice area, court, time range, source or another option that matches your needs using easy filters.
  • Focus on your industry and practice area. Easily find information on top industries such as finance, insurance, energy, high tech, life sciences/pharmaceuticals and more. Practice areas range from labor & employment, contracts, and business & corporate law to computer & internet law, tax, securities, real property and more.
  • Find relevant cases quickly with Search Term Maps, case summaries, headnotes and other handy tools.
  • Easily access a wide range of information, including statutes and legislation, secondary materials, forms, legal news, company and financial content, and much more.

Track new developments

Stay on top of the latest changes in a publication or issue critical to your work. Alerts cover cases, topics, Shepard’s® analysis, pending legislation, news and more. Share alerts with others inside and outside your company.


Bring hidden facts into focus

Lexis helps you find elusive facts about people and businesses. And you can find more information if your work requirements call for a subscription that includes connected LexisNexis® public records.


Make sound decisions faster

Smart Lexis content and advanced technology help you efficiently make sound, data-driven decisions.

  • Visualize case relevance with color-coded Search Term Maps.
  • Ask a question and readily find answers to reduce your search time with the AI-powered Lexis Answers feature.
  • Know the likelihood a bill will pass with Legislative Outlook tools.
  • See how top cases in your search results cite each other—and how they can work together to support your position—with Ravel View.
  • Uncover judicial insights with Lex Machina summary charts within Lexis.
  • Dive into deeper analytics … add Lexis Analytics to your subscription to benefit from powerful Context, Lex Machina® and Intelligize® decision tools.

Connect your workflow

Easily save Lexis research in sharable work folders. Count on mobility options so you can work on the go or in remote locations. And increase your efficiency by pairing Lexis with integrated Lexis® for Microsoft® Office drafting tools, as well as Practical Guidance® legal know-how and practical guidance.


Be confident you are working with good law

Shepardizing™ with Lexis provides timesaving benefits. Count on the most comprehensive editorial analysis of case law, statutes, regulations, administrative decisions and more with Shepard’s Citations Service. Shepard’s experienced attorney-editors provide a full spectrum of editorial analysis. And Shepard’s visual tools provide quick insight.