Protection for Purdue Pharma Owners in Opioid Bankruptcy, Spike in Health Insurance Claim Denials & More
Battle Over Abortion Pill Spreads from Courthouses to Statehouses
TX on Verge of Becoming 6th State to Enact Comprehensive Data Privacy Law, Existential Threat of AI & More
Tech Platforms’ Liability Shield Survives SCOTUS Tests, TikTok Ban Becomes Law in MT & More
State Mental Healthcare Access Legislation, Insurer Crackdown on Weight Loss Drugs & More
Red-State, Blue-State Divide on ESG Legislation
State Leadership on Data Privacy Creating Regulatory Patchwork
FL’s Broad Anti-ESG Law, Feds’ Take on Bank Failures & More
FL’s New Prescription Drug Reform Law, Abortion Pill Reversal Ban in CO & More
Attacks on Gig Workers in FL, CA Looking to Make Tech Companies Pay for News Content & More
State Lawmakers Taking More Interest in Portable Benefits for Gig-Economy Workers
Wave of Social Media Parental Consent Bills, MT’s Total TikTok Ban & More
Delay of SCOTUS Ruling on Abortion Pill Limits, Extension of Pharmacists’ Pandemic Vaccination Authority & More
AI Decision-Making Poses Unique Challenge for State Legislators, Regulators
Two More States Eyeing E-Commerce Delivery Taxes, FL’s ‘Digital Bill of Rights’ Legislation & More
Stockpiling of Abortion Pills in WA, Targeting of LGBTQ Healthcare Access in Red States & More
States Seeking to Regulate Health Insurers’ Cost-Cutting Practices
MI’s Impending Repeal of Right-to-Work, UT’s Prohibition on Employer Use of Vaccination Status & More
Health Insurance Reform Bills Vetoed in MS, Prescription Drug Reform Bill Line-Item Vetoed in WY & More
ChatGPT Draws State Lawmakers’ Attention to AI
MT’s Sweeping TikTok Ban Bill, Biden Administration’s Plan to Hold Software, Device Makers Liable for Hacks & More
Walgreens Caught in Political Battle over Abortion Pills; IA, TX Targeting Online Abortion Information & More
Top Compliance Issues for Insurance, Financial Sectors in 2023
GOP AGs’ Effort to Block ESG Investment Rule, Another Round of Insurance Industry Reforms Pitched in FL & More
CA Lawmakers Take Aim at Crypto Industry Again; IL, WA Lawmakers Weigh Protections for Vloggers’ Kids & More
Seattle Bans Caste Discrimination, NY Lifts Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assault Claims & More
Amazon’s $3.9B One Medical Deal, NJ’s Crackdown on Nursing Home Medicaid Application Assistors & More
States Following California’s Lead on Children’s Data Privacy
Proposed Family Leave Plan in WI, Maternity Leave Bill in AR, MD’s Proposed Four-Day Workweek Experiment & More
Wave of Bills Aimed at Protecting Teens from Social Media, Proposed Data Privacy Protections in VT & More
CA’s Proposed $25 Minimum Wage for Healthcare Workers, Hospitals’ New ER Staffing Strategy & More
States Continue to Roll Back Vaccine Requirements
States Taking Lead on Regulating Data Privacy
State Lawmakers Target Vaccine Makers and Mandates, Abortion Pill Lawsuits in NC and WV & More
Congressman’s Apt Call for AI Regulation, Google Ad Tech Lawsuit & More
CA Fast-Food Worker Law on Hold, Paid Leave Coming to IL & More
Hospitals’ Problematic Use of Volunteer Staff, MT Lawmakers’ Full Health Agenda & More
Amazon Loses Bid to Overturn Union Victory at NYC Warehouse, Labor Policy Shifts in MI & More
Continuing Rise of Illicit Crypto Use, DE Taking Second Shot at Right to Repair & More
Top Issues for State Lawmakers in 2023
What It Takes to Build an Effective DEI Program
Governors Roundup: TikTok Ban, Death Sentences, Affordable Housing & More
Tech Week: Big Tech Seeks to Block CA’s New Child Online Protections, Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough & More
Healthcare Roundup: Hospitals Seek to Reduce Dependence on Nurse Staffing Agencies, Legal Blow for MT Anti-Vax Law & More
Wrapping up 2022...and 20 Years
Major Insurance Reforms in FL & Insurance Protections for Hate Crime Victims in NY
Governors Spotlight: Bitcoin Mining, TikTok Ban, DEI & More
Tech Week: SF Authorizes Deadly Police Robots, Twitter Stops Policing Covid Misinformation & More
Finance & Insurance Week: LA’s Insecure Insurance Market, FL’s Upcoming Insurance Special Session & More
Healthcare Roundup: Legal Snag for KS Telemedicine Abortion Ban, Potential $3.7T Economic Cost of Long Covid & More
Will Twitter’s Travails Curb Its Political Influence?
Governors Spotlight: Medical Cannabis, Mass Shooting Preparations & More
Tech Week: Crypto Regulation Indecision, National Security Threat from Tik Tok & More
Finance & Insurance Week: Ubiquity of Natural Disasters & New Insurance Producer Requirements in CA
Healthcare Roundup: Downside of Medical Bill Financing, State of Emergency for Respiratory Illnesses in OR & More
Voters Weigh in on Abortion, Other Health-Related Issues
Governors Spotlight: Homelessness, Step Therapy, Abortion Rights & More
Tech Week: Tech Industry Job Losses, Secure Programming Language Taking Off & More
Finance & Insurance Week: Geico Class Action Suit, Another Study Faulting FEMA Flood Maps & More
Healthcare Roundup: Healthcare Cost Reduction Program in CO, $13.8B Opioid Settlement & More
Employee or Independent Contractor? It’s Complicated
Governors Spotlight: Emergency Powers, Special Election for Cannabis, Anti-Domestic Violence Bills & More
Labor Week: New Pay Transparency Requirements in NY, Another Failed Amazon Unionization Effort and More
Finance & Insurance Week: Proposed Climate Risk Reporting Rule for P/C Insurers, FL’s Hurricane-Resistant Building Codes & More
Healthcare Roundup: Challenges of Shifting COVID Coverage to Private Sector, CVS, Walgreens Prescription Refusals & More
State Lawmakers Target Travel Nurse Agencies
Governors Spotlight: Animal Protection Measures, Teachers Assessments, Unemployment Fraud & More
Finance & Insurance Week: Big Fines for 16 Wall Street Banks, Costliness of Hurricane Ian & More
Labor Week: Paid Leave, Wage, Farm Labor Unionization & More
Healthcare Roundup: Travel Nurse Pay Cap Legislation in MI, Scrutiny of Nonprofit Hospitals’ Charitable Giving in MT & More
California Enacts Slew of First-in-the-Nation Laws
Governor's Spotlight: Social Media Legislation, Child Care Services, Loan Forgiveness & More
Labor Week: Gig Worker Abuse, COVID Job Recovery & More
Tech Week: Autonomous Vehicles May Never Be Fully Autonomous, CA Lawsuit against Amazon & More
Healthcare Roundup: CVS, Walgreens, Amazon Leading Shift to Home Healthcare; OTC Birth Control & More
Will States Lead Way in Regulating DeFi?
Tech Week: CA, VA Push in Opposite Directions on Gas-Powered Cars, Potential Settlement of Facebook Lawsuit & More
Healthcare Roundup: Amazon Pulling Plug on Amazon Care, Upcoming Changes to Medicaid Enrollment & More
Governors Spotlight: Mental Illness, Teacher Shortages, Gas Vehicle Bans & More
New CA Legislation Could Impact Websites Across the Nation
Governors Spotlight: Sports Betting, Mental Health, Climate Bills & More
Tech Week: Fed’s Crypto Guidance for Banks, WhatsApp Crackdown in Financial Industry & More
Healthcare Roundup: Major Healthcare Implications of Inflation Reduction Act, FTC Says No to State COPA Laws & More
California Plastics Law Likely to Have National Impact
Tech Week In Review: CA Lawmakers Weighing Social Media Protections for Kids, Amazon’s Climate Pollution Problem & More
Governors Spotlight: Abortion Rights, School Threat Assessment, Mental Health Bills & More
Healthcare Roundup: WA, U.S. Hospitals’ Financial Struggles, TN’s Opioid Lawsuit against Walgreens & More
Businesses Face Uncertainty in Wake of SCOTUS Abortion Ruling
Tech Week In Review: Tough Week for Crypto, Uber Sexual Assault Suit & More
Healthcare Roundup: CA to Manufacture Own Insulin, Lukewarm Response to Rural Hospital Program & More
Governors Spotlight: Gun Control, Abortion Funding, Tobacco Legal Age & More
Will Crypto Winter Cool Wave of State Regulations?
Healthcare Roundup: Coming Abortion Medication Fight, Abortion Privacy & More
Governors Spotlight: Crypto Mining, Ban on Plastics, Tenant Safety & More
Major Supreme Court Rulings On State Laws This Session
Tech Week in Review: Federal Legislation Targeting Big Tech, EU Crypto Regulations & More
Labor Week: CA Labor Law, Gig Workers on the Ballot & More
Tech Week: Data Privacy Regulations, Digital License Plates & More
Governors Spotlight: Abortion Providers Protection, Teacher Gun Bill, Migrant Relocation & More
Healthcare Roundup: Healthcare Workers Bonuses, Mental Health Funding, Gender Affirming Care & More
State Lawmakers Find Success with Genetic Privacy
Tech Week: Supreme Court Ruling on TX Social Media Censorship Law, Musk Weighs in on RTO Policies & More
Healthcare Roundup: Resident Physicians Unionizing, Higher Health Insurance Premiums Possibly Ahead & More
Governors Spotlight: Gun Control, Legal Weed, An Opioid Alternative & More
Culture Wars Continue with Transgender Issues
Governors Spotlight: Abortion, $18 Billion Pandemic Relief Plan, Paid Family Leave & More
Tech Week: Loosening of Facial Recognition Bans, Cyber Insurance Alternatives for Local Governments & More
Healthcare Roundup: Demand Dropping for Traveling Nurses, Decriminalization of Fentanyl Test Strips & More
States Take Multiple Tacks Toward Easing Health Worker Shortage
Tech Week: Twitter Buyout, Cities’ Wait-and-See Approach on Metaverse & More
Healthcare Roundup: Medical Mall Makeovers, CT Mental Health Bill & More
Governor's Spotlight: Transgender Sports Measures, Election Police, Teacher Shortages & More
Sports Gambling Continues to Expand Across the U.S.
Tech Week: Elon Musk’s Twitter Offer, Amazon’s Inflation Fee & More
Healthcare Roundup: Healthcare Facility Visitor Access Laws, New Healthcare Workforce Initiative in ME & More
Governor's Spotlight: Truck Backlog, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Transgender Bills, Redistricting & More
Maryland Latest State to Embrace Paid Family Leave
Governors Spotlight: Transgender Sports Bans, Threats Against Healthcare Workers, Eviction Moratoriums & More
Tech Week: Comcast Thwarting WA Broadband Efforts, Airport Cyberattack in CT & More
Healthcare Roundup: Pharmacists’ Expanded Healthcare Role, Wastewater Surveillance & More
Policymakers Beginning to Address the Scourge of ‘Romance Scams’
Closing the Gender Pay Gap: State and Local Legislative Efforts to Increase Wage Equity
Governors Spotlight: UC Enrollment, Gas Tax, Equal Pay & More
Tech Week: 2021 State Cybersecurity Legislation, Biometric Data Restrictions in ME & More
Healthcare Roundup: MO’s Proposed Fix for Doctor Shortage, Healthcare Cost Watchdog in CA & More
States Move to Divest from Russia
Governors Spotlight: Russian Sanctions, Transgender Sports Ban, COVID Relief Checks & More
Tech Week: UT Consumer Data Privacy Law, Facial Recognition Controversy in WA & More
Healthcare Roundup: New Multistate Opioid Settlement, Fallout from Single Payer Failure in CA & More
States Making Pandemic Telehealth Policy Changes Permanent
Governor's Spotlight: Private School Scholarships, K9 Cop Protection, Free Community College & More
Insurance Week: Another Home Insurer Pullout in FL, ‘Tinder Swindler’ Bill in NY & More
Healthcare Roundup: More Controversy Over Alzheimer’s Drug, Nonprofit Hospital Medicaid Reimbursements & More
Could Algorithm Audits Curb AI Bias?
Insurance Week: FHLB Push for Parity on Insurer Collateral, FL Roof Bill & More
Tech Week: Autonomous Vehicle Development, Antitrust Review of $68.7B Microsoft Acquisition & More
Healthcare Roundup: Moody’s Healthcare Predictions, Universal Healthcare Bill Failure in CA & More
Governor's Spotlight: Clean Hydrogen, Medical Cannabis, Tax Cuts & More
States Turn to Anti-Meth Strategies to Battle Converter Theft
Regulating Big Tech: Data Privacy Legislation Accelerates in Statehouses
Will TLDR Get a New Meaning?
Governors Spotlight: Teacher Pay Hikes, Taxes on Retiree Income, Insurance Bad Faith & More
Healthcare Roundup: State CON Law Changes, Pop-Up COVID-19 Testing Sites & More
Tech Week In Review: State Taxation of Streaming Services, AT&T and Verizon’s Rocky 5G Rollout & More
States Start New Year With Déjà vu Legislative Agendas
Insurance Week: FL Supreme Court Ruling on Punitive Damage Claims, State Crackdown on Catalytic Converter Theft & More
Labor Week: Ruling on ‘Take-Home’ COVID-19 Cases in CA, New Amazon Unionization vote in AL & More
Healthcare Roundup: Hospitals Allowing COVID-19-Positive Staff to Stay on Job, Health-Heavy 2022 Ballot in CA & More
Will More States Set Board Diversity Mandates?
Healthcare Roundup: CA Rethinking Nursing Home Funding, High Court Okays NY Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate & More
Governors Spotlight: Gun Laws, Anti-Spoofing, COVID-19 Relief & More
Hope and Uncertainty Will Reign in 2022
Labor Week: Sweeping Vaccine Mandate in NYC and Push to Protect Fast-Food Workers in CA
Tech Week In Review: Facebook Takes Another Step Toward Metaverse, Favorable Court Ruling for Apple & More
Healthcare Roundup: Pay Parity for Physician Phone Calls, Physician Assistant Name Change & More
Privacy, Algorithms, and Content Moderation Will Dominate Big Tech in 2022
Healthcare 2022: Pandemic Politics
Governors Spotlight: Electric Cars, Climate Initiatives, Improper Usage of COVID Relief Dollars & More
Labor Week: Vaccine Mandate Exemptions in FL, ID; CA’s $500K COVID-19-Related Judgement against Amazon & More
Healthcare Roundup: Congressional Pushback against Surprise Billing Rule, Hospital Expansion Oversight Bill in MA & More
States End Year Flush with Cash
Labor Week: COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Exemptions in AL, UT; Digital Workplace Monitoring Notification in NY & More
Governors Spotlight: Criminal Justice Reform Package, Consumer Debt, Paid Leave, Grocery Tax & More
Healthcare Roundup: Reversal of J&J Opioid Ruling, Veto of Permanent Telehealth ‘Pay Parity’ in NJ & More
The Enduring Republican Grip on State Legislatures
The Challenges - and High Stakes - of Regulatory Compliance
Statehouse Potpourri (formerly known as Hot Issues): No Dogs Allowed, Energy Sources, Abortion Laws & More
Labor Week: TN, WY Lawmakers Taking Aim at Vaccine Mandates & More
Healthcare Roundup: TN Lawmakers Looking to Shield Doctors from Discipline for COVID-19 Misinformation & More
Governors Spotlight: Film Safety Protocols, Gubernatorial Emergency Powers, Transgender Restrictions & More
November Elections Eyed for Clues to 2022
Labor Week: AZ, SC, UT at Risk of Losing Workplace Safety Regulation Authority, Workers’ Comp Cost Savings from Vaccine Mandate & More
Healthcare Roundup: OH Nursing Home Room Camera Bill, COVID Testing Lab Lawsuits & More
Governors This Week: Oil Drilling Bans, Broadband Expansion, New Unemployment Rules & More
The Rush to Influence Federal Vaccine Rules
Hot Issues This Week: Business, Immigration & Social Policy
Governors This Week: Power Struggles, Electric Vehicles & More
Labor Week: COVID-19 Opt-Out Measure in AR & $130M Tesla Payout for Racial Harassment
Healthcare Roundup: Differing Healthcare Worker Vaccination Mandate Impacts in NY and RI, HI Nursing Shortage & More
Newsom Signs Major CA Unemployment, Consumer Finance and Education Funding Reforms
Governors This Week: Return to Work Incentives, Pandemic Prison Funds, Emergency Paid Leave & More
Labor Week: Power Boost for Cal/OSHA, $5.8B Economic Development Project in KY & More
Healthcare Roundup: NY Hospitals Suspending Unvaccinated Workers, Panic Buttons for MO Hospital Staff & More
Newsom Signs Plethora of Workforce and Housing Measures
Labor Week: Big Fines for Vaccine Mandates in FL, Denial of Unemployment Benefits for Vaccine Mandate Violators in RI & More
Healthcare Roundup: Pandemic Downside of Hospital Cost-Saving Success, Biden Vaccine Mandate Concern & More
Governors This Week: Changing Recall Rules, Social Media Censorship, Vaccine Requirements & More
Hot Issues This Week: Secret Settlements, Curbside Alcohol, Kinetic Energy Projectiles, and More
Governors This Week: New Abortion Restrictions, New Prisons, Redistricting, and More
Healthcare Roundup: Federal Funding for Health Staffing, Nurse Pay Hikes, Booster Shots, and More
Hot Issues This Week: NCAA Athletic Endorsements, Anti-Hazing Policies, Texas Abortion Law and More
Governors This Week: Legal Weed Process, Governor Recalls, Voting Restrictions, and More
Insurance Week: Copay Waivers, Hurricane Ida, COVID-19 Liability Claims and More
Healthcare Roundup: Roadblock for Telemedicine, Nursing Home Staff Training Waivers in IA, CO Vaccine Mandate & More
Hot Issues This Week: Business, Immigration and More
Governors This Week: NDA Reform, Eviction Moratoriums, Recall Election and More
Tech Week In Review: The War on Cybercrime, Self-Driving Vehicles, Anti-Trust, Metaverse and More
Health Care Roundup: Long-Term Healthcare Costs of COVID-19, Medical Worker Vaccination Mandates Backlash & More
Health Care Roundup: Nursing Home COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates, Anti-Vax Anti-Protest Bill & More
Governors this Week: A Less Toxic NY Gov’s Office, FL, and TX Mask Mandates, OR HS Grad Requirements, WI Cyberinsurance