NY’s First-in-the-nation AI Disclaimer Bills, New Gig Driver Protections & More
FDA Advisory Panel Recommends Against MDMA-Assisted Therapy, OH Effectively Bans Nine Synthetic Opioids & More
Some State Lawmakers Getting Tougher on Data Privacy
Republican AGs Challenge EEOC Rules for Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
LA County’s Ambitious Plan to Reduce Medical Debt, AI-in-Health Care Bills in CA & More
Interest in Labor Issues Remains Strong in State Legislatures
Homeowners Insurers Struggling in Multiple States & Farmers’ Resumption of Business in CA
CO’s Sweeping New AI Law, VT’s Strong Data Privacy Bill & More
AL Allows Off-Label Medical Treatment & U.S. Facing $478B in “Avoidable” Expenses from Mental Health Inequities
Plastic Pollution May Be Bigger Legislative Priority Than You Knew
Bills Aiding Insurers in LA, Bill Regulating ‘Bitcoin ATMs’ in VT & More
CO’s Sweeping New AI Bill, MD’s Enactment of Data Privacy and Youth Online Protection Bills & More
Psychedelics, Nurse Licensing and Breast Exam Insurance Coverage Bills in AK & More
State Lawmakers Take Aim at Junk Fees
CA’s Cap on Health Care Providers’ Annual Price Increases, IVF Protection Bill in LA & More
VT Retailers’ Opposition to Data Privacy Bill, Minors’ Social Media Access Bill in AK & More
Climate Change Legislation Continues to Flood Statehouses
Loosening of State Occupational Licensing Laws, CA’s ‘Right to Disconnect’ Bill & More
ME’s Restrictive Data Privacy Bill, AR Revisiting Crypto Mining Regulation & More
State Lawmakers Lowering Bar for Workplace Harassment
MD Drug Affordability Board Zeroing In on Eight Drugs, More Docs Working for Corporate Entities Than Ever & More
Passage of Major Data Privacy Bills in MD, CO Senate Leader’s AI Bill & More
Common Themes Emerge in State AI Legislation
Passage of Health Care Facility Permitting Bill in GA, IN Sues Drug Makers and PBMs over High Insulin Prices & More
Antitrust Suit Against Apple, Proposed Ban on ‘Mommy Run’ Social Media Accounts in MN & More
Potentially Big Year for Prescription Drug Affordability Boards
U.S. House Passes Potential TikTok Ban, World’s First Comprehensive AI Law & More
Bad Faith Insurance Claims Bill in VA, Record Growth of CA’s Insurer of Last Resort & More
Health Insurance Reform Legislation in IL, MD Aims to Improve Undocumented Residents’ Access to Health Insurance & More
State Lawmakers Look to Keep Utilities Out of Politics
Legislative Scramble to Protect IVF in AL, AL IVF Ruling Sidelines FL Bill & More
Musk’s Lawsuit Against OpenAI, DeSantis’ Veto of Youth Social Media Ban & More
States Embracing New Form of Gambling: iGaming
Controversial AL Court Ruling on IVF, FL Lawmakers Pass Health Care Workforce Bills & More
FL Lawmakers Pass Youth Social Media Ban, Broad AI Bill Introduced in CT & More
State Lawmakers’ Interest in Psychedelic Drugs Not Waning
Youth Social Media Access Bills Keep Coming, OpenAI’s Foray into Video & More
State Prescription Drug Affordability Review Boards, Weight Loss Drug Insurance Coverage & More
Pro-Labor Bill in WA, Anti-Union Bill in GA & More
State Lawmakers Wade Into Third-Party Litigation Funding
Abortion Pill Case Coming to SCOTUS in March, New Anti-Transgender Approach in AZ & More
Youth Social Media Bills in CA, NY; States Receive Failing Grades for Data Privacy Laws & More
State Lawmakers Continue to Tackle Health Care Workforce Shortage
Stronger SEC Oversight of SPACs, IA’s Renewed Effort to Ban State ESG Investing & More
‘First Comprehensive AI Legislation’ of 2024, FL’s Aggressive Children’s Online Safety Bill Passes House & More
CA Close to Requiring Insurers to Cover PrEP, Bill with Medical Malpractice Caps Emerges in FL & More
State Legislatures Turn Attention to Citizens’ Crushing Medical Debt
FL’s Aggressive Children’s Online Safety Bill Advances, UT Revising Children’s Online Safety Laws & More
Health Care Workforce Bills Advance in FL, Holdout States Considering Medicaid Expansion & More
Gender-Affirming Care Continues to Occupy—and Divide—State Lawmakers
SEC’s Approval of Bitcoin ETFs, FL’s Aggressive Children’s Online Safety Bill & More
Health Care Bills Advance in FL, Veto Override of Transgender Care Ban in OH & More
State AI Legislation Off to Quick Start in 2024
Generative AI Has State Legislatures Rushing to Take Action
Top Issues for State Lawmakers in 2024
Epic Games’ Courthouse to Statehouse Battle with Apple and Google, Changes Ahead for UT Social Media Law & More
End of Medical Debt Reporting in NY, Big Health Care Spending Bills in FL & More
States Take Another Look at Nuclear Power to Combat Climate Change
Potential Regulatory Pushback to P/C Rate Increases Next Year & Lower Surplus Lines Tax Rate for KS Insurers
NM AG Accuses Meta of Facilitating Sex Abuse, Push for Open-Source AI from Meta and IBM & More
FL Senate President’s 2024 Health Care Agenda, Repeal of Drug Maker Liability Shield in MI & More
AI in Insurance: The Good, the Bad and What Worries Regulators
Four-Day Work Week Bill in MA & Financial Benefit of Remote Work
Long-Term Care and Prescription Drug Reforms in MA & Lawmakers Address Health Worker Licensing Backlog in IL
Ouster of OpenAI CEO, Social Media Protection Bill in FL & More
Good Year for Labor on Picket Line and in State Legislatures
End Near for IL’s Nuclear Power Plant Moratorium & AL’s Planned Bill to Restrict Underage Access to Porn Sites
End of Hollywood Actors’ Strike, Hotel Workers’ Union Win in Vegas & More
Passage of Pharma Immunity Shield Repeal Bill in MI, FL Senate’s Healthcare Focus in 2024 & More
State Legislation to Curb Workplace Violence Raises Compliance Concerns
Biden’s AI Executive Order, Sam Bankman-Fried’s Conviction & More
Uber, Lyft Wage Theft Settlement; Passage of COVID-19 Vaccine Ban in TX & More
Medicare Cuts for Doctors, Hospitals; GOP Govs’ Opposition to Long-Term Care Staffing Requirements & More
Will Other States Follow California’s Lead on Industry-Specific Minimum Wage Hikes?
TX’s Proposed COVID-19 Vaccine Ban & Many U.S. Employers’ Lack of Abortion Coverage
CA’s New Crypto Business Laws, AI Bills in MI & More
MI Moves Step Closer to Repealing Drug Immunity Law, CA Enacts $25 Healthcare Worker Minimum Wage & More
States Slowly Embracing Psychedelic Drugs
U.S. Small Business Underinsurance Crisis, FL Homeowners Insurance Rates Unlikely to Drop & More
Children’s Online Safety Bill in NY, Enactment of Data Delete Act in CA & More
Bill to Repeal Drug Immunity Law in MI, Flurry of Health System Consolidation Legislation & More
Positive Developments in Looming Homeowners Insurance Crisis
State Lawmakers Planning AI Measures; SCOTUS to Weigh FL, TX Social Media Anti-Censorship Laws & More
No Unemployment Benefits for Striking Workers in CA & $20 Minimum Wage for CA Fast Food Workers
Coming Federal Guidelines on Cross-Market Mergers, National Abortion Pill Ban & More
Children’s Online Safety Bills Suffer Legal Setbacks
Amazon Antitrust Suit, Multistate Lawmaker Effort to Grasp AI & More
Preemption of Local Minimum Wage Rates in NC & Workplace Violence Bill on Verge of Becoming Law in CA
NC’s Medicaid Expansion, NE’s Extension of Postpartum Medicaid Coverage & More
Unwinding of Medicaid Continuous Enrollment Messy Process for States
Biden Administration Takes Aim at Reporting of Medical Debt, Insurance Premiums Poised to Rise for Millions of U.S. Homeowners & More
Passage of Data Delete Act Nears in CA, Landmark CA Children’s Data Privacy Law Blocked by Federal Judge & More
$25 Minimum Wage for Healthcare Workers in CA, Push for Prescription Drug Price Controls in MD & More
State Lawmakers Slow Down Healthcare Mergers
TX ‘Death Star’ Law Declared Unconstitutional & Court Ruling with Implications for AI Regulation in CA
State Errors to Blame for Post-Pandemic Medicaid Disenrollments & More
Court Ruling Could Tighten Regulation of Broker-Dealers, Farmers Slashing Workforce & More
Advances in Financial Scam Tech Raise Alarms with State Legislators and Financial Sector
Post-Pandemic Medicaid Termination Lawsuit in FL, Increase in Workers’ Mental Health Needs & More
Biden Administration’s U-Turn on MA Right to Repair Law, Nvidia’s Revenue Surge & More
Averted UPS Strike & CA Bill Aimed at Making Striking Workers Eligible for Unemployment Benefits
States Beginning to Regulate Popular Usage-Based Car Insurance
Insured Losses from Lahaina Fire, MO’s New Approach to Restricting ESG Investing & More
Bipartisan Embrace of Children’s Online Safety, Second Thoughts about AR Crypto Mining Law & More
State Lawmakers’ Workforce Development Focus & Coming Increase in CA Minimum Wage
Pandemic’s Lasting Health Policy Changes, Troubling Opioid Epidemic Stats & More
State Legislators Look to Regulate Use of AI in Healthcare
New Infrastructure Workforce Development Program in PA, McDonald’s Franchise Violates Child Labor Laws in LA, TX
More E-Cigarette Regulation Possibly Ahead, Impact of CEO Ownership Stake on Medical Device Recalls & More
Challenge to Porn Site Age-Verification Law Dismissed in UT, Proposed Class Action Suit Against Tesla in CA & More
Battle Over Water Breaks Latest Front in State-Local Preemption Fight
Higher Capital Requirements Proposed for Big Banks, Allstate Threatens Full Withdrawal from CA’s P&C Market & More
Legal Battle Over CA Children’s Online Privacy Law, States Enacting AI Laws & More
WA’s Healthcare Facility Geofence Ban, Congressional PBM Reforms & More
Data Privacy Landscape Continues to Change as States Pursue More Laws
Drones Drawing State Lawmakers’ Attention, Security Risks Posed by EV Chargers & More
Precipitous Rise in Maternal Death Rates, Healthcare Implications of Affirmative Action Ruling & More
States May Need to Scramble to Address Possible Homeowners Insurance Crisis
New Abortion Restrictions Could Trigger Medical Malpractice Suits, MO Responds to Cancer Drug Shortage & More
Possible AI Chip Export Restrictions, Legal Challenge to AR Social Media Law & More
Paid Leave Continues to Be Big Issue for State Lawmakers Post-Pandemic
Tougher Federal Rules for Banks, Consumer Protections for Alternative Home Financing & More
Tougher Federal Rules for Banks, Consumer Protections for Alternative Home Financing & More
FTC’s Lawsuit against Amazon, OR’s Effort to Lure Semiconductor Makers & More
CA Gov’s Push for $5B More in Mental Healthcare, NY Bill Blocking Reporting of Medical Debt & More
Precision Problem with Pay Transparency Laws, ME Paid Leave Bill & More
State Lawmakers Continue to Grapple with Gender Pay Gap
AI Regulation Advancing in EU, TX’s $1.4B Effort to Lure Microchip Industry & More
More States Pass Health Data Privacy Bills, Big Post-Pandemic Medicaid Disenrollments & More
Another Insurer Aims to Lower Its Risk, Continuing Surge in Cyber Insurance Premiums & More
States Explore Array of Proposals to Bolster Healthcare Workforces
Protection for Purdue Pharma Owners in Opioid Bankruptcy, Spike in Health Insurance Claim Denials & More
TX on Verge of Becoming 6th State to Enact Comprehensive Data Privacy Law, Existential Threat of AI & More
Battle Over Abortion Pill Spreads from Courthouses to Statehouses
Tech Platforms’ Liability Shield Survives SCOTUS Tests, TikTok Ban Becomes Law in MT & More
State Mental Healthcare Access Legislation, Insurer Crackdown on Weight Loss Drugs & More
Red-State, Blue-State Divide on ESG Legislation
State Leadership on Data Privacy Creating Regulatory Patchwork
FL’s Broad Anti-ESG Law, Feds’ Take on Bank Failures & More
FL’s New Prescription Drug Reform Law, Abortion Pill Reversal Ban in CO & More
Attacks on Gig Workers in FL, CA Looking to Make Tech Companies Pay for News Content & More
State Lawmakers Taking More Interest in Portable Benefits for Gig-Economy Workers
Wave of Social Media Parental Consent Bills, MT’s Total TikTok Ban & More
Delay of SCOTUS Ruling on Abortion Pill Limits, Extension of Pharmacists’ Pandemic Vaccination Authority & More
AI Decision-Making Poses Unique Challenge for State Legislators, Regulators
Two More States Eyeing E-Commerce Delivery Taxes, FL’s ‘Digital Bill of Rights’ Legislation & More
Stockpiling of Abortion Pills in WA, Targeting of LGBTQ Healthcare Access in Red States & More
States Seeking to Regulate Health Insurers’ Cost-Cutting Practices
MI’s Impending Repeal of Right-to-Work, UT’s Prohibition on Employer Use of Vaccination Status & More
Health Insurance Reform Bills Vetoed in MS, Prescription Drug Reform Bill Line-Item Vetoed in WY & More
ChatGPT Draws State Lawmakers’ Attention to AI
MT’s Sweeping TikTok Ban Bill, Biden Administration’s Plan to Hold Software, Device Makers Liable for Hacks & More
Walgreens Caught in Political Battle over Abortion Pills; IA, TX Targeting Online Abortion Information & More
Top Compliance Issues for Insurance, Financial Sectors in 2023
GOP AGs’ Effort to Block ESG Investment Rule, Another Round of Insurance Industry Reforms Pitched in FL & More
CA Lawmakers Take Aim at Crypto Industry Again; IL, WA Lawmakers Weigh Protections for Vloggers’ Kids & More
Seattle Bans Caste Discrimination, NY Lifts Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assault Claims & More
Amazon’s $3.9B One Medical Deal, NJ’s Crackdown on Nursing Home Medicaid Application Assistors & More
States Following California’s Lead on Children’s Data Privacy
Proposed Family Leave Plan in WI, Maternity Leave Bill in AR, MD’s Proposed Four-Day Workweek Experiment & More
Wave of Bills Aimed at Protecting Teens from Social Media, Proposed Data Privacy Protections in VT & More
CA’s Proposed $25 Minimum Wage for Healthcare Workers, Hospitals’ New ER Staffing Strategy & More
States Continue to Roll Back Vaccine Requirements
States Taking Lead on Regulating Data Privacy
State Lawmakers Target Vaccine Makers and Mandates, Abortion Pill Lawsuits in NC and WV & More
Congressman’s Apt Call for AI Regulation, Google Ad Tech Lawsuit & More
CA Fast-Food Worker Law on Hold, Paid Leave Coming to IL & More
Hospitals’ Problematic Use of Volunteer Staff, MT Lawmakers’ Full Health Agenda & More
Amazon Loses Bid to Overturn Union Victory at NYC Warehouse, Labor Policy Shifts in MI & More
Continuing Rise of Illicit Crypto Use, DE Taking Second Shot at Right to Repair & More
Top Issues for State Lawmakers in 2023
What It Takes to Build an Effective DEI Program
Governors Roundup: TikTok Ban, Death Sentences, Affordable Housing & More
Tech Week: Big Tech Seeks to Block CA’s New Child Online Protections, Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough & More
Healthcare Roundup: Hospitals Seek to Reduce Dependence on Nurse Staffing Agencies, Legal Blow for MT Anti-Vax Law & More
Wrapping up 2022...and 20 Years
Major Insurance Reforms in FL & Insurance Protections for Hate Crime Victims in NY
Governors Spotlight: Bitcoin Mining, TikTok Ban, DEI & More
Tech Week: SF Authorizes Deadly Police Robots, Twitter Stops Policing Covid Misinformation & More
Finance & Insurance Week: LA’s Insecure Insurance Market, FL’s Upcoming Insurance Special Session & More
Healthcare Roundup: Legal Snag for KS Telemedicine Abortion Ban, Potential $3.7T Economic Cost of Long Covid & More
Will Twitter’s Travails Curb Its Political Influence?
Governors Spotlight: Medical Cannabis, Mass Shooting Preparations & More
Tech Week: Crypto Regulation Indecision, National Security Threat from Tik Tok & More
Finance & Insurance Week: Ubiquity of Natural Disasters & New Insurance Producer Requirements in CA
Healthcare Roundup: Downside of Medical Bill Financing, State of Emergency for Respiratory Illnesses in OR & More
Voters Weigh in on Abortion, Other Health-Related Issues
Governors Spotlight: Homelessness, Step Therapy, Abortion Rights & More
Tech Week: Tech Industry Job Losses, Secure Programming Language Taking Off & More
Finance & Insurance Week: Geico Class Action Suit, Another Study Faulting FEMA Flood Maps & More
Healthcare Roundup: Healthcare Cost Reduction Program in CO, $13.8B Opioid Settlement & More
Employee or Independent Contractor? It’s Complicated
Governors Spotlight: Emergency Powers, Special Election for Cannabis, Anti-Domestic Violence Bills & More
Labor Week: New Pay Transparency Requirements in NY, Another Failed Amazon Unionization Effort and More
Finance & Insurance Week: Proposed Climate Risk Reporting Rule for P/C Insurers, FL’s Hurricane-Resistant Building Codes & More
Healthcare Roundup: Challenges of Shifting COVID Coverage to Private Sector, CVS, Walgreens Prescription Refusals & More
State Lawmakers Target Travel Nurse Agencies
Governors Spotlight: Animal Protection Measures, Teachers Assessments, Unemployment Fraud & More
Finance & Insurance Week: Big Fines for 16 Wall Street Banks, Costliness of Hurricane Ian & More
Labor Week: Paid Leave, Wage, Farm Labor Unionization & More