LexisNexis® External Hard Drive

Ensure you’re in compliance with the secure plug-and-play legal research solution designed to meet inmates’ needs.

Take advantage of LexisNexis® research solutions that are safely and cost-effectively preloaded on high-security networks and machines. Give inmates access to legal materials designed for an institutional environment that require only minutes to set up and install.

  • Access LexisNexis research solutions quickly and safely
  • Install in minutes, easy to use
  • Operate securely and economically
  • Get extremely fast data access
  • Use confidently for corrections facilities
  • Rest assured with a replacement guarantee

  • Customizable Solutions
    Choose from a customizable selection of powerful LexisNexis research solutions, preloaded onto each external hard drive system.
  • State-Specific Content
    Access state and federal Shepard’s® Citations Service, federal and state cases, statutes and court rules, and leading analytical materials.
  • Fast Plug-and-Play Access
    Install simply and easily through a USB 2.0 port that quickly connects to, or disconnects from, your network or computer—no special hardware required.
  • Quarterly Updates
    Ensure that inmates have access to the latest legal decisions with easy-to-install quarterly updates.
  • Hassle-Free System Updates
    Get a new external hard drive each time a system update is available. Return the old ones to LexisNexis with prepaid shipping labels for reuse or recycling.
  • Access LexisNexis research solutions quickly and safely
    Choose from a wide variety of preloaded LexisNexis legal research solutions that conform to right-of-access guidelines, all on a single external hard drive.
  • Installs in minutes, easy to use
    Install an external hard drive safely and simply in minutes, on high-security networks and machines via a USB 2.0 port, with no special hardware required. Search all material easily, reducing inmate complaints.
  • Operate securely and economically
    Operate completely offline, without the security risks associated with Internet access and the costs associated with print publications.
  • Get extremely fast data access
    Access data quickly—twice as fast as a DVD—for the searching and/or copying of LexisNexis research content.
  • Use confidently for corrections facilities
    Use a cost-effective alternative to providing inmates with access to the courts without the need to devote scarce resources to maintaining a traditional legal library.
  • Rest assured with a replacement guarantee
    Avoid the worries of system breakdowns; should your external hard drive system ever fail, you’ll get a replacement unit for free.
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