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Access the largest collection of trusted news, business, financial, public records and legal information from authoritative sources around the world

Ensure you have the facts you need for due diligence and vital transactions, and that your preparation is thorough with LexisNexis®. Get the most comprehensive collection of news and business content available —with 22% more state and local news sources than any other legal content provider. Dig deep in your research to get comprehensive reports on companies, industries and individuals delivered in seconds to your desktop.

  • Distribute critical information faster
  • Make decisions using relevant information from verified sources
  • Increase efficiency and save valuable time

  • Relevant News Sources - pull together results from over 26,000 news and business sources, many exclusive to LexisNexis, with LexisNexis® Publisher.
  • Company and Industry information - dig into over 80 million companies, 80 million executives and over 1,000 industries.
  • Unique Sources - get content, including archived news, that’s not widely available on the web, including thousands of legal sources, 600+business intelligence sources, over 37 billion public records, and 200+biographical sources.
  • Exclusive Customization - leverage the power available only with LexisNexis® Publisher to customize content delivery with multiple delivery options, extensive editing capabilities, versions for intranet, extranet and public website use.
  • Content Integration Capability - LexisNexis® Web Services Kit gives developers a flexible solution to seamlessly integrate premium LexisNexis content into enterprise business applications.
  • Distribute critical information faster - consolidate the identification of risks throughout your enterprise, quickly route specific risk-type events to the appropriate departments and escalate critical risks to the right people immediately.
  • Make decisions using relevant information from verified sources - avoid having to read through thousands of documents that are not relevant to your needs. With LexisNexis you can tap into the most important sources and critical content.
  • Increase efficiency and save valuable time - rely on LexisNexis powerful research tools to help you discover valuable information quicker. Search over 80 million companies, 80 million executives and 1000 industries in a fraction of the time to uncover key financial health information, executive backgrounds, and hard to find details on corporate structures.

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