Created by patent attorneys for patent attorneys, PatentOptimizer™ helps you develop internally consistent, concise, and well-tailored patent applications; streamlines patent analysis; and helps serve as a critical quality control check when you’re drafting patents. Whether you’re prosecuting or litigating, PatentOptimizer™can help you mitigate legal risk and work more efficiently.

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Best Quality Legal Analysis for Clients
Provide your clients with the best quality legal analysis and work product in patent prosecution and litigation without overextending your resources

Draft higher-quality patent applications
 Draft higher-quality patent applications with tools that help you check your claims for proper antecedent basis or possible lack of support in the disclosure, terminology for court rulings, multiple claim sets for new matter, and consistency in part labeling and numbering.  Insert pre-formatted citations and hyperlinks, and automatically renumber claims and references during final editing.

Analyze patents
Analyze patents at issue in litigation to assess potential areas of weakness and form higher-value litigation strategies. Quickly key in to the granular aspects of entire patent portfolios to uncover critical data intersections, hidden trends, aggregate parts/elements nomenclature, ranked language variations and more.

Create Comprehensive Reports
Create a comprehensive error report with a single click to identify claim issues, drawing reference anomalies, improper term and phrase usage, etc. Generate pre-populated IDS forms and more.

  • PatentOptimizer™ Analytics helps you quickly key in to the granular aspects of entire patent portfolios to uncover critical data intersections, hidden trends, aggregate parts/elements nomenclature, ranked language variations and much, much more.
  • Integrated into Microsoft® Word, Mozilla FireFox browser 4.0+, Internet Explorer, Adobe® Acrobat® 8.0 and Adobe® Reader® 8.0.
  • Supports patents published on the following services: TotalPatent®,®, and
  • Leverages unique LexisNexis content, including enhanced full-text patent information, post issuance data, federal case law and administrative rulings, Matthew Bender® Attorney’s Dictionary of Patent Claims, EI Compendex® Thesaurus, and a variety of other sources and forms, all presented in an accessible/digestible format at your immediate point of need. 
  • Consolidate your analyses into a “one click” error report that is fully customizable.

With PatentOptimizer™ you can … 

  • Check, Compare & Match Claims
  • Check claim language for prior adjudications and prior art references and link to related cases and patents.
  • Spot ambiguous or missing antecedents and lack of support in drawings or descriptions.
  • Generate a navigable claim hierarchy on the fly.
  • Quickly research specific claim elements in the prior art leveraging advanced features such as semantic search, and capture/associate prior art reference data into an auto-generated claim hierarchy.
  • Detect term and phrase differentials in your claims and descriptions.
  • Automatically research specific claim elements in prior art and assimilate prior art reference data into an auto-generated claim hierarchy.
  • Quickly compare claim elements, terms, and phrases across multiple documents to detect new and deleted matter.
  • Match claim sets of multiple documents and easily identify claims that have been removed, modified or added. 

Patent Thesaurus

  • Identify alternate language along with supporting prior art for patent part expressions.
  • Search, browse and navigate a master index of patent part terminology.
  • Utilize specialized sorting and filtering commands to pinpoint language and references of interest.
  • Find prior art support for claim construction arguments made in Markman hearings.
  • Expand your prior art searches with alternative expressions generated by other patent attorneys.

Check References

  • Instantly retrieve patent citation references in your grant or application and review related bibliographic information.
  • View a comprehensive post-issuance activity report for cited patents.
  • Investigate, verify, and export information related to the citations appearing in your patent document.

Check Parts

  • Check the accuracy and consistency of your reference figures and related part numbers and labels.
  • Auto-insert part numbers into the abstract or claims for foreign filing or analysis .
  • Use shorthand notations for reciting parts while drafting.
  • Identify repeated parts for correction as necessary

Check Terms

  • Generate a list of cases referencing and interpreting key terms and phrases from your patent document.
  • Detect and report terms from user-created dictionaries.
  • Export complete custom term glossaries for insertion into applications.
  • Detect and process acronyms and abbreviations

Check Measurements

  • Detect and instantly convert common English measurements into metric.
  • Identify inaccurate user-entered conversions.


  • Insert fully formatted patent citations with a click of the button.
  • Automatically update amended claim numbering and dependencies.
  • Research terminology and locate viable synonyms and term definitions.
  • Process all of the USPTO accepted status identifiers, along with recognized variants, appearing in claim amendments

Patent information retrieved by the check references tool can automatically pre-populate an Information Disclosure Statement. This can be done using the USPTO’s EFS-Web PDF form.

Viewing all PDF files requires Acrobat Reader®. Get a free download now.

Viewing all PDF files requires Acrobat Reader®. Get a free download now.

Do I need to download software to use the LexisNexis® PatentOptimizer™ service?
Yes, software needs to be downloaded and then activated with an ID & password. Download the software now.

Can individuals download the software or does a firm’s IS department need to do this?
It depends upon whether your firm restricts users from downloading software on their own. Check with your IS department.

Is a user’s PatentOptimizer™ ID & password the same as their® ID & password?
Yes. This is only activated if your firm is a subscriber to the LexisNexis PatentOptimizer service, however.

Are trials available? 
Yes, free 30-day trials are available.

How often is the case law in the service updated and what is is the coverage?
The case law coverage is updated quarterly and the coverage extends back to the creation of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in 1982.

Are there any charges beyond the subscription charge for the service?
Yes, additional charges can be incurred if you retrieve litigation dockets from the CourtLink® service or order REEDFAX® file histories.

How is the patent analysis generated?
The service employs a number of sophisticated algorithms created specifically for LexisNexis PatentOptimizer™ that have been extensively tested.

What word-processing programs and Web browsers does the service support?
The service currently supports Microsoft Word® and Microsoft® Internet Explorer.

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  • Customer Testimonials

    The product allows us to obtain information in a couple of hours that would otherwise take a paralegal or an associate a couple of days.

    Sean Detweiler Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton, P.C.

  • Customer Testimonials

    The efficiencies we’ve been able to realize by relying on PatentOptimizer to help us develop consistent and well-tailored patent applications are just extraordinary. In fact, we have been seeing a return on our investment each month within just the first few business days of the month.

    Nicholas Witchey, Ph.D., a USPTO-registered patent agent Fish & Associates

  • Customer Testimonials

    I like PatentOptimizer because all I need to do is click a button, and quickly it shows me potential areas to check.

    Hilary Reinhardt, Associate, Woodcock Washburn

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