Learn to Spot Legal Issues Like a Lawyer

Think Like A Lawyer case law game: www.caselawgame.com

Law students learn how to spot legal issues every day. Lawyers spot legal issues every day. Now you can learn how to spot legal issues even before starting law school. This will prepare you for the work you’ll be doing in law school and (eventually) as a lawyer.


The Think Like A Lawyer case law game is a free law school study aid that law students use to test their legal issue spotting skills. The game prepares you for law school by covering the core curriculum:

• Civil Procedure
• Contract Law
• Constitutional Law
• Criminal Law
• Property Law
• Tort Law

You’ll be presented with cases from these core subjects and be asked to spot the legal issues in each case, just like law students and lawyers. Play the game a few times and you’ll be prepared to answer your law professor’s questions from day one.

Here’s a sample question from the Think Like A Lawyer case law game:
Forseeability as a Duty Limitation: Palsgraf vs. Long Island Railroad Co.

After buying a ticket, Helen Palsgraf stood on a platform at a train station that belonged to The Long Island Railroad Company. A train was leaving the station, and a man, who was carrying a package, ran to catch it. A guard who had been holding the door open reached out to help the man board the train, and another guard who was on the platform pushed the man from behind. In the process, the package fell. The package was nondescript and gave no indication of its contents, but it contained fireworks that exploded when the package fell. The shock of the explosion threw down some scales at the other end of the platform, many feet away. Helen Palsgraf was injured when the scales struck her. She sued The Long Island Railroad Company as the responsible party for her injuries.

Which issues are present in this case?

• Proximate Cause
• Forseeability of Harm
• Proof of Negligence
• Assumption of the Risk
• Nuisance
• Privity

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