Why an internet search is not Legal Research

Law students and lawyers will some times start their research on the internet, but rarely do they finish there. Real legal research is conducted in specific sources like case law, codes and regulations. While some of these sources are available on the internet the coverage is not usually comprehensive or up-to-date.

The information law students and lawyers use must be accurate, authoritative and comprehensive. Most importantly it must be accepted by the courts. Those sources are not normally found in an internet search.

Get prepared for the research you’ll be doing in law school now. Use this Prezi to walk through the differences between searching the internet for information and conducting legal research. You’ll learn:

• Where to start your research on the internet.
• How to use internet sources appropriately.
• What the courts think about internet sources.
• What sources the courts accept.
• How to find the sources courts accept.

You’ll see the internet is a great place to start for background research, but if you’re going to be prepared for law school the real legal research must be done with specific sources that are persuasive to the courts.

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