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November 2017



Leaders LeagueDecideurs League


Leaders League


Leaders League Online

Décideurs Magazine Online

Leaders League is a news website offering in-depth analysis of business strategies and insights, with a focus on finance, investment banking, hedge funds and asset management.

Décideurs Magazine Online is the website of the French monthly publication, Décideurs Magazine. It offers in-depth analysis of business strategies and insights, with a focus on finance, investment banking, hedge funds and asset management.

Le Republicain LorrainVosges matin


Societe du Journal L'Est Republicain


TLe Républicain Lorrain

Vosges Matin

Le Républicain Lorrain is a French daily regional newspaper based in Woippy, near Metz. It was founded in 1919 and its nine local editions are currently distributed in the Moselle département (Grand Est region) by Groupe EBRA. It covers news from the Lorraine, including Metz, Thionville, Forbach, Sarreguemines, Briey and Longwy.

Vosges Matin is a daily regional newspaper dedicated to the Vosges département (Grand Est region), including Epinal, La Plaine, Remiremont and Saint-Dié. It is owned by Groupe EBRA and replaced La Liberté de l’Est in 2009.


EQS Group AG


EQS Group AG


EQS Newsfeed (French)

EQS Newsfeed (Chinese – Simplified)

EQS Newsfeed (Chinese – Traditional)

EQS Newsfeed (French) provides near real-time key financial, and general, news in French. Coverage is international.

EQS Newsfeed (Chinese – Simplified) and EQS Newsfeed (Chinese – Traditional) provide near real-time key financial, and general, news in simplified and traditional Chinese. Coverage is international


MT Newswires


MT Newswires


Live Briefs PRO Global Markets

MT Newswires offer intra-day global markets commentary and analysis on a wide range of economic, bond, equity and FX markets; covering developed markets in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, with a focus on market activity in the G7 countries. Reports are designed to give the reader a quick and precise picture of the data.Analysts highlight both the immediate impact on the markets as well as the longer run implications for the economy and central bank policy.

The Live Briefs Global Markets service is designed to keep a broad range of market participants and wealth managers alerted to market moving events around the globe.

Live Briefs Pro Global Markets is a premium news service providing complete, up-to-the-minute coverage of North American and European financial markets and economies.

Due to a licensing restriction this publication may not be hosted on an external server.


NewsBank Inc.


Highlands News-Sun (Sebring, FL)

West Villages Sun (Venice, FL)

Maricopa Monitor (AZ)

The Jasper Newsboy (TX)

The Atlantic Hub (Red Bank, NJ)

The Columbia Star (SC)

El Pregonero (Washington DC)

We are pleased to announce the addition of seven new publications to the NewsBank state files.


Rossiya Segodnyasputnik


Rossiya Segodnya


Ria Novosti Highlights

Ria Novosti World

Ria Novosti Economy, Business and Finance

Ria Novosti Defense and Security

RIA Realty. Real Estate

Ria Novosti Fuel and Energy

Ria Novosti Russian Economy

Ria Novosti Crime and Law Enforcement

Ria Novosti CIS and the Baltic

Ria Novosti Russia’s Regions

Ria Novosti Announcements

Sputnik News Service

Sputnik Novosti

Sputnik Arabic News Service

Sputnik Chinese News Service

This major release of Russian content covers newswires featuring world news, information on business and finance, defence and security, real estate, fuel and energy, crime and law enforcement, news about the Baltic states, the Russian-Latin American cooperation, Middle East politics and the Russian-Chinese economic cooperation.



Country Watch Inc.


Country Watch Political Intelligence Wire

Country Watch Political Intelligence Wire provides briefing and analysis of topical issues and material events affecting various countries of the world.

News Bites


News Bites Pty Ltd.


News Bites Stock Review

  • Market Reports: Stock Exchange Markets, by index and sector, to identify price and trading volume changes, including bullish and bearish signals and market action tables.
  • Sector Reports: Sectors that have been markedly active in the day, by price, volume and value changes.
  • Stock Reports: Stocks that have been markedly active in the day, by price, volume and value changes, substantial shareholder changes and directors dealings.
  • Results: Tabulated financial reports showing Asian stock exchange-listed companies’ seasonal, monthly, quarterly, half-year and full-year financial results, including a two-year comparison of selected variables for half-year and full-year results.


There has been a recent key addition of 1336 websites in Chinese from China (91%), Taiwan (7%) and Hong Kong (2%) to our Web News– Chinese collection. These websites are key influential and/or authoritative websites that offer frequent and regularly updated news content. They include general news sites (7%), corporate and business websites (72%), major academic establishments’ websites (12%), public authorities websites (7%) and NGOs and Associations’ websites (2%).


  1. Daily Securities Dashboard was replaced by a more current and comprehensive version, News Bites Stock Review, that we receive directly from the publisher. As a result it has been removed from LexisNexis.

  2. Following the decision from the FT to discontinue the Financial Times Headlines file, a group file is no longer required. Customers can find all the data they require within the Headlines file. Therefore, the FT Headlines group file has been taken down from LexisNexis.

  3. AHC Media LLC no longer has the rights to distribute Biomedical Business & Technology and Medical Device Daily. As a consequence they have been removed from LexisNexis.

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