Backup Disaster Recovery

Business continuity planning, including criticality analysis, recovery strategy and planning exercises to address your full business needs.

Fully managed storage solution

  • Low RPO - Guaranteed
    • Guaranteed Recovery Points for Backups and Replication
      • Customized replication and snapshot frequencies to suit your needs (15 minutes to 24 hours)
      • Managed and monitored by LexisNexis®
  • Fast RTO – Designed to recover in 60 minutes
    • Combined with physical or standby servers, the LexisNexis storage solution design will allow recovery times of 60 minutes or less.
      • Simple management interface tools and predetermined network changes allows replicated storage and standby servers to become production.
  • Fast Provisioning 24 hours Guaranteed
    • Guaranteed provisioning of up to 20% additional storage in 24 hours or less
  • Automatic Optimization
    • Virtualized storage ensures optimized performance across applications
  • Premium Support
    • 24X7 storage monitoring with 4 hours onsite response.
    • Remote Support Diagnostics Tool enables great support night or day. This new technology will reduce IT overhead and cut resolution times in half during support events.
LexisNexis offers a range of Data Backup and Protection services that includes:

  • Continuous online backup—even in open, changing databases and files. That means data recovery up to the minute an interruption or outage occurs.
  • Secure off-site data vaulting in world-class data centers.
  • 24/7 monitoring from the Service Operation Center. Plus operations experts can automatically detect problems at any stage of backup or recovery and immediately take notification and corrective action.
  • In addition, you’ll also have tools to manage and monitor the entire backup and vaulting process from a Web browser—anywhere, anytime. Create backup policies, check their status delegate data responsibilities and initiate restore operations.
  • Secure and private connections with password protection, digital certificates and AES encryption technology.

TurboRestore, an on-site rapid recovery appliance for firms with multiple offices LexisNexis data centers serve as the primary or secondary hosting sites for law-firm data and systems and protect firms against business interruptions. Data center locations include:

  • Columbus, Dayton and Springfield, OH;
  • Chicagoland;
  • the U.S. West Coast (Scottsdale, AZ);
  • Dublin (Ireland); and
  • Hong Kong.

LexisNexis has allied with leading IT consulting firms that have extensive experience across legal, health care and multi-national industries to provide a range of business and consulting services. Lexis Technology Consulting helps customers reduce costs, improve processes, control risk and increase revenue through services focusing on:

  • Technology strategy
  • Cost management
  • Vendor management
  • Organizational development
  • Project management
  • Business process improvement

Lexis® Network Services

LexisNexis offers a fully managed and customized network service that includes:

  • Provisioning of network services and routers
  • Design and consulting, incorporating advanced traffic flow design, redundancy and diversity
  • Design validation and testing so that your design meets business needs and provides seamless implementation
  • Implementation, including project management, installs, testing and validation
  • Management and monitoring, including capacity reporting, change and fault management, and more
  • WAN troubleshooting coordination, providing faster resolution by getting the right engineers
  • engaged early
  •  Vendor stewardship to align performance with requirements
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