CCH® Materials

CCH® Materials

CCH, long regarded as a leading provider of research, compliance and management tools, has been known for assisting professionals interpret a wide range of federal and state laws.

The following CCH materials are available on LexisNexis® at

CCH Labor & Employment Materials
CCH is well respected for its editorial analyses and explanations of labor and employment information. Generations of legal and business professionals have considered CCH products among the essentials in any office and critical to keeping current with daily changes in the law.

CCH Securities Materials
CCH® is known as a premier provider of information and guidance related to federal securities and Blue Sky Law. CCH has built a reputation for editorial excellence and authoritative products by responding in a timely fashion to constant changes in government regulations and legislation.

CCH Tax & Accounting Materials
CCH, long regarded as a tax publishing leader, has been known for assisting lawyers, accountants and financial professionals interpret the complex tax code.

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