Martindale-Hubbell® eAttorney

Martindale-Hubbell eAttorney is the only legal recruiting relationship management product suite that connects law students, attorneys, law schools and law firms.

With our active subscription base of more than 150,000 legal professionals—many of the nation's most respected legal institutions and prestigious law firms—aligning with eAttorney places our subscribers at center stage in the legal arena.

For more than seven years, eAttorney® has offered access to robust solutions designed to manage relationships in the recruiting process. We developed the first Web-enabled recruiting site for law school graduates and legal professionals, and now we are the first to deliver a comprehensive relationship management system for the legal marketplace.

  • Increased effectiveness
    Manage the entire recruitment process more effectively with the eAttorney Recruitment Management System (RMS). It enables legal employers to identify and screen candidates for the hiring of new attorneys.
  • Credential circulation
    Put your credentials in front of the people who make hiring decisions. Exclusive features allow you to find and pursue targeted opportunities simply and automatically.
  • Placement programs
    Manage recruiting programs efficiently. More than 500 leading legal employers are members of the eAttorney network and more than 100 top law schools already use our services.

Since our founding in 1996, we have remained trailblazers in the field of legal recruiting as the first Web-enabled recruiting site for legal professionals. eAttorney is the first to deliver a comprehensive relationship management system for the legal marketplace.

  • Recruitment Management System—streamlines the entire recruitment process and significantly reduces the time-to-hire by operating on one integrated platform. More than 80,000 law students from top law schools nationwide, plus 70,000 lateral job candidates are members of the Martindale-Hubbell eAttorney network and have submitted their credentials and resumes to our database.:
    • Develop a successful recruiting strategy
    • Reach the most sought-after candidates first
    • Schedule interviews and track students with ease
    • Monitor performance through reports  
  • Career Intelligence Agent (CIA)—capture attention in the employment arena  by using CIA to:
    • Locate employment opportunities that map to career objectives
    • Identify networking opportunities that will attract notice from the right people
    • Eliminate the administrative burden associated with searching for a job 
  • Broad Reach—a comprehensive, Web-based tool customized to efficiently manage job placement for potential candidates, putting those names  in front of leading employers across the nation without the enormous expense of advertising and publicity. 
  • OCI+—simplifies and standardizes the on-campus recruitment process, creating  more opportunities for students and alumni and alleviating the administrative hassles associated with year-over-year peak seasons.
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