IP Services (formerly REEDFAX®)

Intellectual Property

US Patents, EP and WO Patents, File Histories, Prior Art Searches, Trademark Registrations, Intellectual Property Law – we can help you quickly identify the right product for you.

IP Services delivers high-quality copies of original US, EP, and WO patent documents; file history/wrappers; U.S. and Canadian trademark images and registrations; instant machine translations of Japanese, Russian, Korean, German, and Chinese patents; prior art searches; and FOIA documents.

Work more efficiently and economically

By having high-quality, patent-related documents delivered to your desktop within minutes.

Save time and frustration

Dealing with often-cumbersome government procedures when sourcing documents through FOIA and other privacy-protection measures.

Provide your clients with the best possible service

By calling on the resources of subject-matter experts for prior art searches, foreign language translations, and other esoterica related to IP patent documentation.

  • Extensive online patent archives provide 24/7 access to:
    • US Patents from 1966.
    • European Patent Applications from 1978.
    • European Granted Patents from 1990.
    • World Patent Applications from 1986.
    • US Trademarks from 1870.
    • US Pre-Grant Patent Applications.
    • Great Britain Patents from 1991.
  • Electronic or paper files for US Patent File Histories/Wrappers, US Trademark File Histories, and Foreign File Histories. Electronic versions are fully bookmarked with thumbnail images to aid your research and may be ordered as static or text-searchable images. Paper files come with easy-to-use tabs.
  • U.S. and Canadian trademark images and registrations are available as e-mails, downloads, or paper copies.
  • Foreign language translations
    • Japanese, Korean, German, Chinese, and Russian languages.
    • Instant Machine Translations from Paterra® take just minutes and offer a significant cost savings over traditional translation services.
    • Manual Translations are done by translators and editors who are experienced in prior art, patent, and drug applications, and who are accustomed to the urgent timetable of litigation.
  • Prior art searches performed by subject matter experts who can maximize their research time in both proprietary and public data sources to provide exemplary results, including expert commentary on each cited patent so you know whether you need to invest the time to actually pull the patent.
  • Our FOIA professionals have more than 25 years of experience providing cost-effective document production from both state and governmental agencies. Our staff coordinates with agency personnel to monitor information requests, and they also negotiate issues relevant to government fees and document disclosure determinations, so you don’t have to.


How do I contact Customer Support? 
IP Services Customer Service  is conveniently available from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to help answer your questions, take your orders and provide order status.

Call Customer Service for more information: 1-800-543-6862 (or 1-215-441-4768)

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