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April 2013



MapLight is a nonpartisan research organization that reveals money’s influence on politics in the U. S. Congress. MapLight’s bill support and opposition reports record positions taken by specific companies and organizations on key bills in Congress. Bills relate to topics including business and commerce, government operation s and politic, budget, spending, taxes, crime and la w enforcement, economics and public finance and 39 other topics. Support and opposition information is based on public documents, including Congressional testimony, news reports, and company statement s. Coverage is from the 110th Congress – Current Congress, data is uploaded 24 hours after receiving it.

PUBLICATIONS INCLUDED: is an online US legal resource mentioned by consumers seeking an attorney. creates and manages wealth of information to help users better understand the law, make more informed personal leg al choices an d identify high quality legal representation. is an important source for information and explanations of major areas of law through new s and commentary on current legal topics. Coverage is from January 2013.


Le Figaro Magazine
Le Figaro Online

Le Figaro Magazine is a supplement to one of the most important French newspapers, Le Figaro. It’s a French-language weekly that features current affairs in Franc e. Coverage is from 29 November 2012 and includes news, politics and features on art, music, literature, cinema, events, books, travel, motoring, puzzles, technology, and interviews . Le Figaro Online is the web version of Le Figaro an d the coverage is from 8 January 2013.


PUBLISHER: PR Newswire Association LLC
PR News wire Africa
PR News wire Africa - Français

PR News wire Africa features the latest news and events across the Africa n continent, with an emphasis on political and govern mental news, business news, mining, telecommunications, and technology. News sources include Africa n governments, key NGOs and UN organizations operating on the continent as well as businesses located or operating in Africa. This is available in both French and English. Cover age is from January 2013.


Athena Information Solutions Pvt. L td is no longer publishing Sourcing Hardware and as a result this title has been remove d. Alternate titles available on LexisNexis include NB M & CW and MGS Architecture.

ABC for Commerce and Industry (Hoppenstedt ABC Benelux Companies) has been removed as this title has not updated for several years. An alternative title online, which is updating, is Dutch Company Information.

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