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November 2013

The titles below are linked to their entry in the Searchable Directory of Online Sources. Click to learn more about each title.

Health Exchange Alert from Inside Washington Publishers is a must-read for policy professionals, providing exclusive news in the same tradition as Inside CMS and FDA Week. Health Exchange Alert is a weekly newsletter that goes beyond the current coverage on InsideHealthPolicy.com to deliver exclusive news in the same tradition as Inside CMS and FDA Week. This title is published weekly, and updates on LexisNexis within one day of publication.

Inside Cyber Security from Inside Washington Publishers is a subscription-based premium news service for policy professionals who need to know about evolving federal policies to protect cyberspace. Inside Cyber Security delivers daily news and analysis on an emerging regulatory policy area that will dramatically affect businesses large and small. This title is published weekly, and updates on LexisNexis within one day of publication.

Inside Health Policy from Inside Washington Publishers is a daily online/newsletter service from Inside Washington Publishers, a company with nearly three decades of experience publishing inside news from Washington, DC. Inside Health Policy is constantly updated with news from the staff of our newsletters - FDA Week and Inside CMS - plus daily blogs and hand-picked documents, placed in a fully searchable document/news archive. It also offers special news sections on health reform, Congress, Medicare and Medicaid, drug policy, and food safety. This title is published daily, and updates on LexisNexis within one day of publication.

GreenUnivers, founded in July 2008, is a medium of economic and financial information dedicated to environmental markets. Today it is a proprietary database of more than 7000 items updated daily on business and cleantech markets, in France and abroad. The title covers Green Business in France and abroad and covers daily economic and financial news and fundraising operations, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, strategic initiatives of small businesses as well as large groups and innovations in this market information. The title is published daily and updates same day on LexisNexis.

Current Analysis provides Competitive Intelligence Solutions that enable companies to anticipate and counter competitive threats. This is achieved through the delivery of tactical, actionable intelligence to help fast-paced companies compete in the highly volatile telecommunications, networking, and business software markets. Current Analysis is capable of supporting many roles across the organization. Sales teams, product managers, marketing professionals, and executives can have access to the business intelligence. This title updates daily and is available same day on LexisNexis.

Executive Briefing Series are newsletters published by CQ Roll Call, each providing news, insights and analysis on polices relevant to specific industries, including agriculture and food, banking and finance, defence, energy and climate, and transportation. This title updates daily is available five days after publication on LexisNexis. This title is not available to academic or government markets.

The Revue Banque press group is a reference in the banking and financial world; it offers diversified content. Every magazine addresses a different topic: professional viewpoints, interviews, columns by experts, reports, special features, research.

Revue Banque is a banking and finance professionals’ must-read. Every month, a complete issue tackles a current topic, comparing the market actors’ viewpoints.  A pledge of seriousness and credibility, the magazine is written with the best experts’ help, addressing all the issues of the banking sector: regulations, risks.

Banque & Stratégie, the journal of banking and financial analysis. This title brings a unique and forward-looking analysis of the latest trends in the economic and financial world. The articles are written by experts in order to broaden the debates of the trade.


News Bites Pty Ltd. is no longer providing Global Round Up – Stocks and this title has therefore been removed.

CQ-Roll Call is no longer providing updates for Al Jazeera and World Sources, and these two titles have been removed.

The following titles have not updated since 1993, and as a result in order to clean our archives, these have been removed:

  • IDD Mergers and Acquisition Database - Canada - Archival
  • IDD Mergers and Acquisitions Database - UK Reports - Archival
  • IDD Mergers and Acquisition Database - European Reports - Archival
  • IDD Mergers and Acquisition Database - US Reports - Archival
  • IDD Merger and Acquisition Reports - Archival

The low usage and revenue of the following NewsRx titles do not justify the cost to maintain these publications. Therefore, these have been taken down:

  • Agriculture Business Week
  • Chemical & Chemistry
  • Chemical & Chemistry Business
  • Computer Technology Journal
  • Computers, Networks & Communication
  • Economics & Business Week
  • Electronics Newsweekly
  • Energy Business Journal
  • Engineering Business Journal
  • Entertainment & Travel
  • Food & Farm Week
  • Food Business Week
  • Food Weekly Focus
  • Information Technology Business
  • Insurance Weekly News
  • Internet Business Newsweekly
  • Internet Weekly News
  • Internet, Networks & Communications
  • Journal of Farming
  • Journal of Physics Research
  • Journal of Robotics & Machine Learning
  • Journal of Technology
  • Journal of Transportation
  • Leisure & Travel Business
  • Mathematics Week
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Week
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Mining & Minerals Business
  • Nanotechnology Business Journal
  • Network Business Weekly
  • Network Weekly News
  • NewsRx Health & Science
  • NewsRx Health
  • Real Estate & Investment Business
  • Real Estate Business Journal
  • Resource Week
  • Robotics & Machine Learning
  • Veterinary Research Week

ProQuest no longer has the rights to distribute the following publications, which have therefore been removed:

  • Indian Journal of Medical Research
  • International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education
  • The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics
  • Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging
  • Journal of Political and Military Sociology
  • Journal of Small Business Strategy
  • Journal of Southern Legal History
  • Management International Review
  • Narcotics Enforcement & Prevention Digest
  • Nature, Society, and Thought
  • New Zealand Journal of Psychology
  • Organized Crime Digest
  • Regional Economist
  • Research Money
  • Software Development Times
  • Today
  • Weekly Corporate Growth Report
  • Journal of Engineering Technology
  • Machinery Technology
  • Africa Analysis
  • AICPA Tax Section Newsletter
  • CEDPA Network
  • Pension & Benefits Update
  • Journal of Transportation Law, Logistics, and Policy
  • Juvenile Justice Digest
  • FA Journal
  • Eastern Economic Journal
  • European Business Forum
  • Tribune Business Weekly
  • Soldiers
  • Communication World
  • Airman

The low usage and revenue for the following SmallTownPapers, Inc. publications, do not justify the cost to maintain the publications, and as a result these have been removed:

  • The Banner (Bernice, Louisiana)
  • Bedford Journal
  • Bluff Country Reader (Spring Valley, Minnesota)
  • The Bonney Lake & Lake Tapps Courier-Herald
  • The Boomerang! (Palouse, Washington)
  • The Cabinet (Milford, New Hampshire)
  • The Chatfield News (Minnesota)
  • The Clatskanie Chief (Oregon)
  • Clovis Livestock Market News
  • The Columbia Star (South Carolina)
  • De Baca County News
  • The Delhi Express (California)
  • Dodge County Independent-News
  • Edmonds Beacon (Washington)
  • The Enumclaw Courier Herald (Washington)
  • Feather River Bulletin (Quincy, California)
  • The Free Press (Buda, Texas)
  • Republican-Leader (Preston, Minnesota)
  • Haxtun-Fleming Herald (Colorado)
  • Hollis Brookline Journal
  • Holmes County Herald
  • Ivanhoe Times (Minnesota)
  • Latah Eagle
  • Mabel/Harmony News-Record (Minnesota)
  • Mattawa Area News (Washington)
  • McKenzie River Reflections (McKenzie Bridge, Oregon)
  • Merrimack Journal (New Hampshire)
  • Mukilteo Beacon (Washington)
  • The Original Irregular (Kingfield, Maine)
  • The Raton Range (New Mexico)
  • Sioux County Index Reporter (Hull, Iowa)
  • SmallTownPapers News Service Publisher Group File
  • Spring Grove Herald (Minnesota)
  • Spring Valley Tribune (Minnesota)
  • The Trinidad Times Independent (Colorado)
  • Westbrook Sentinel Tribune (Minnesota)

More comprehensive coverage continues to be available via the titles from Newsbank, as well as via Discover America's Story.

Inewsnetwork Inc. is no longer providing the Global Broadcast Database and as a result the following publications have been removed.

  • Global Broadcast Database
  • Global Broadcast Database - English (Abstract)
  • Global Broadcast Database - Nederlands
  • Global Broadcast Database - Portuguese
  • Global Broadcast Database - Francais
  • Global Broadcast Database – Español

The publication Calculating Lost Labor Productivity in Construction Claims, Second Edition has been discontinued and as a result this title has been removed.

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