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March 2014

Atlantic Cities , by Atlantic Monthly Group, LLC ,explores the most innovative ideas and pressing issues facing today's global cities and neighbourhoods. By bringing together news, analysis, data, and trends, the site is an engaging destination for an increasingly urbanized world.

Nextgov, by National Journal Group, Inc., is about how technology and innovation are transforming the way government agencies serve citizens and perform vital functions. The title is an exploration of emerging technologies and their potential impact on government. Nextgov contributors include influential thinkers across government, academia and the private sector providing fresh and provocative insights on key federal IT topics.

Alliance News is a business and financial newswire dedicated to UK companies, markets and economics, published by Alliance News Limited. It provides news throughout the day on all 2,400 UK-listed companies, including AIM stocks and investment trusts. Reporters and editors working from a central London newsroom are allied with global content partners to provide comprehensive coverage of the global and local influences on shares. Some 200 news items per day.

Local World serves hundreds of communities across a variety of channels, providing access to grass roots information. These regional newspapers offer unique content created by teams of experts living in the cities, towns and villages where Local World publish. The coverage of local stories and events is unrivalled across all media and offers timely and accurate news from across the UK.


  1. Nuneaton News
  2. Torquay Herald Express
  3. Black County Bugle
  4. Leek Post and Times
  5. Bristol Observer Group
  6. Hull Advertiser Group
  7. Sentinel Advertiser
  8. Blackmore Vale Magazine
  9. Sutton Coldfield Observer
  10. Canterbury Times
  11. Stour and Avon Magazine
  12. Stroud Life
  13. Nottingham and Long Eaton Topper


The following publications from HT Media Ltd have been added:

  1. 4Ps B&M
  2. Antara News
  3. Business and Economy
  4. Business Wire India
  5. Health
  6. Hindustan
  7. KNN (Knowledge & News Network)
  8. MintAsia (India)
  9. Pivotal Sources
  10. The Human Factor
  11. The Sunday Indian
  12. UzReport
  13. Vayu Aerospace & Defence Review


The addition of these titles further enhances our coverage through HT Media of India and Pakistan and surrounds, allowing us to offer a complementary portfolio of business and trade titles across the region. Some of these titles also expand our coverage in Indonesia and UAE, demonstrating our diverse geographical scope.

The following publications from Tangerine Digital (Content Victims) have been added:

  1. 4Ps Business & Marketing
  2. Adgully
  3. Architecture Update
  4. Business Barons
  5. Business India
  6. CFO
  7. Cio & Leader
  8. Citadel
  9. Construction Tenders
  10. Construction World
  11. Construction World Gulf
  12. Construction World India
  13. CW Property Today
  15. Education World
  16. Equipment India
  17. FICCI Banking & Finance Digest
  18. Food & Beverages News
  19. Franchising World
  20. Health & Nutrition
  21. Hospitality Biz
  22. IANS-English
  23. Inc. India (9.9 Media)
  24. India Infrastructure
  25. India Today
  26. Indian Together
  28. Infrastructure Today
  29. IT Next
  30. LINUX For You
  31. Media Watch
  32. Power Today
  33. Project Reporter
  34. Projects Info
  35. Publishing
  36. Ranchi Express
  37. Retailer
  38. Savvy
  39. Society
  40. Society Interiors
  41. Star Week
  42. Stardust
  44. The India Economy Review
  45. The Smart Manager
  46. Travel Biz Monitor
  47. Witness


These series of 47 sources of magazines and journal have been selected as top reads in India. This complements and builds upon the more than 100 Indian sources that we already offer on our Business Intelligence Solutions. This group of sources brings in a diverse array of content ranging from tender information, marketing, business economics, banking and news.




The Japan Agriculture News


Real Estate Monitor Worldwide


ACN Newswire (Bahasa Indonesia)


Hamburger Morgenpost (German Language)


Visao (Portuguese Language)


ICT Monitor Worldwide




  1. CB Media Limited is no longer providing Profit and Canadian Business. As a result these titles have been removed.
  2. Generate will no longer provide Netvention Company Profiles to LexisNexis. As a result this title has been removed.
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