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May 2014

WealthEngine is a provider of intelligence solutions to help fundraising, marketing and business development professionals create strategies to extend their reach and build their prospect pipeline. It works with nonprofits, hospitals, institutions of higher education, political campaigns, advocacy groups, luxury organizations and financial services firms to help identify individuals with the net worth, income, lifestyle and affinity to become donors or customers. Serving clients in the United States, it offers solutions across four key areas: analytics, research, prospecting and consulting. At its core is its FindWealth platform.

GMI Ratings is an independent provider of research and ratings on environmental, social, governance and accounting risks affecting the performance of public companies. The firm's ESG ratings for nearly 6,500 companies worldwide incorporate 120 ESG KeyMetrics™ to help investors assess the sustainable investment value of corporations. Governance Holdings Co., also provides Accounting and Governance Ratings (AGR®) for approximately 20,000 public companies worldwide. AGR metrics validate the accuracy and reliability of a company's financial reporting.

GMI Ratings was formed through the merger of three independent companies: The Corporate Library, GovernanceMetrics International and Audit Integrity. Each of the predecessor firms specialized in systemic shortfalls in risk modeling and mitigation by quantifying material risks often undetected in traditional approaches. GMI Ratings provides institutional investors, insurers, corporate decision-makers, and other professionals with the most extensive coverage of environmental, social, governance, litigation, and accounting-related risk indicators affecting the performance of public companies worldwide. is the site of the Netherlands Judiciary, which contains information on the Netherlands Judicial system and the Council for the Judiciary, provided by De Staat der Nederlanden. The Central Insolvency Register on contains the details of bankruptcies, suspensions of payment and debt restructuring individuals that are tracked in the Netherlands.

Al Jazeera is a 24-hour news broadcast channel, headquartered in Doha, Qatar, with over sixty bureaus around the world, covering current affairs, business, opinion, in-depth reports, human rights, entertainment and sport in Arabic, English and Turkish language. Al Jazeera was the first independent news channel in the Arab world dedicated to covering and uncovering stories in the region. Al Jazeera is part of the Al Jazeera Satellite Network and published by The Content Agents.


The following publications from Asianet-Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd have been added:

This release expands LexisNexis' global coverage and adds key national publications to our content collection. These new sources increase the discovery of evolving trends, critical events, social, business and political dynamics in important markets, including Southern Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Hungary and Turkey. The publications included in this collection, include major wire services, top daily newspapers and industry trade publications.


  1. RBI sold Caterer & Hotel Keeper and as a result, this title has been removed.
  2. Air Transport Intelligence (ATI) has not updated since March 31, 2005 and as a result will be removed. Alternate titles for this source:  Airline Business and Airline Industry Information.
  3. EDIMAX USA. is no longer providing Media Contact Market News and as a result this title has been removed.
  4. The EU Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium is no longer providing Business Guide to EU Initiatives to LexisNexis, and as a result this title has been removed.
  5. Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd is no longer providing Indian Affairs and as a result this title has been removed. Alternate titles available include The DayAfter and OPEN Letter.
  6. Cygnus Business Media. sold IDEAg and as a result this title has been removed.
  7. Penton Media Inc. has sold Broadcast Engineering and as a result this title has been removed.
  8. Disclosure Incorporated is no longer providing Financial Statements to LexisNexis and as a result this title has been removed.   Alternative titles online include Edgar Online.
  9. Asianet-Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd is no longer providing the following titles to LexisNexis and as a result these have been removed: Journal of the Pakistan Materials Society; Journal of Science and Technology.
  10. Iqbal Review. Alternative titles include: Physics Week and Science Letter.
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