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October 2014

The titles below are linked to their entry in the Searchable Directory of Online Sources. Click to learn more about each title.

Stock & Land, a leading southern Australian weekly rural newspaper, caters primarily for livestock and cropping farmers who derive most of their income from agriculture. Founded in 1914, it is distributed across Victoria, southern NSW, south eastern South Australia and Tasmania. Published by Fairfax Media.

The Whitsunday Coast Guardian, published by APN Australian Publishing, is a weekly publication that has been serving the Proserpine, Queensland district and surrounding areas for many years.

From Associated Newspapers Ltd., the Scottish Daily Mail & Scottish Mail on Sunday are two of Britain's leading tabloids offering in-depth reporting of worldwide news & current affairs with a strong emphasis on UK politics, economics, law & order and defence.

Guardian News and Media Limited has merged their print and online feeds, and all articles will now be pushed through the publication The Guardian (Filename GUARDN). As a result, the separate online only feed of Guardian Unlimited (Filename: GUARDU) has been taken down.

Please note that no content has been removed, and the archive of the online content has been moved across to the remaining file. Customers will now be able to access all of the content (both online and print) within one publication which will provide a simpler search experience for all.

The following Penton Business Media, Inc. titles have been added.

  • Aviation Daily covers programs, budgets and technology on the global scheduled airline market for industry professionals
  • Aerospace Daily & Defense Report covers programs, budgets and technology on new business opportunities and operational effectiveness and efficiencies.
  • Aviation Week & Space Technology covers global intelligence and technology on building, buying, operating, and strategizing for aerospace, defense and aviation professionals.
  • Business Aviation contains news about corporate and business aviation markets

Inside U.S. Trade's Daily Report covers exclusive news about U.S. trade policy, policy debates in Congress, the World Trade Organization, and other multilateral forums and bilateral negotiations. Published by Inside Washington Publishers.

La Lettre de l'Audiovisuel is a leading newsletter in media and new technologies information, published by AUDIOVISUEL BUSINESS SYSTEM MEDIA. It contains French and international news, interviews and portraits and exclusive information. It also releases two special edition issues per year.

Portuguese Independent News Network provides news for the Portuguese speaking community worldwide, with a particular aim at Angola, Brasil, Cape-Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tomé ePríncipe and Timor-Leste. PINN also carries information in Spanish directed at the Latin

American countries (specially Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Equador). Also available online is Portuguese Independent News Network (Spanish) which carries information in Spanish directed at the Latin American countries (especially Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Equador).

BMI Medical Devices Report features market forecasts supported by trade, production and healthcare estimates by Espicom, a Business Monitor International (BMI) company. These forecasts and estimates focus on six product areas: Consumables, Diagnostic Imaging, Dental Products, Orthopaedics & Prosthetics, Patient Aids and Other Medical Devices.

These reports combine macroeconomic forecasts with industry specific analysis to produce quarterly reports covering economic and political outlooks, 5 and 10-year industry forecasts, regulatory regimes, competitive landscapes and industry trends.

They contain developments including market forecast trends, monthly and annual trade performance, healthcare reforms, government investment programs, regulatory developments, production changes, leading national and multinational manufacturers and competitive strategies.

These reports include the following:

  • BMI Industry View
  • SWOT
  • Industry Forecasts
  • Product Areas
  • Macroeconomic Forecasts
  • Industry Risk Rewards Rankings
  • Market Overview
  • Industry Trends & Developments
  • Regulatory Developments
  • Competitive Landscape

Countries covered include: France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, UK, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil and Turkey.

Governance, Risk & Compliance Monitor Worldwide is a subscription based publication, aimed to reveal hidden risks in both business relationships and human networks from worldwide jurisdictions. Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Monitor Worldwide covers news, analysis pieces, legal updates, whitepapers and special reports, focused on anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC), bribery and corruption, terrorism and organized crime, compliance training, conduct risk, corporate governance, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) compliance, internal controls, policy management, risk management, SEC filing etc., plus sanctions, watch and regulatory news and much more. Governance, Risk & Compliance Monitor Worldwide is updated daily and draws on information from worldwide sources, always quoting and accrediting the original information source within its reporting. This source is published by Al Bawaba Middle East Limited.

Content from News Bites Pty Ltd covering Asia is now available in comprehensive country specific files, making it easier to search regarding a specific country. All content will still be available in the News Bites Asian Markets file too, for those looking to search across all countries at one time.

The new groups are:

News Bites Asian Market – Bangladesh
News Bites Asian Market - China
News Bites Asian Market - Hong Kong
News Bites Asian Market - Indonesia
News Bites Asian Market - Japan
News Bites Asian Market - Malaysia
News Bites Asian Market - Nepal
News Bites Asian Market - New Zealand
News Bites Asian Market - Pakistan
News Bites Asian Market - Philippines
News Bites Asian Market – Singapore
News Bites Asian Market - South Korea
News Bites Asian Market - Sri Lanka
News Bites Asian Market - Taiwan
News Bites Asian Market - Thailand
News Bites Asian Market – Vietnam

These files cover the stock exchanges in each of the respective countries and contain four types of stories: market reports, sector reports, stock reports and results.

  • Market Reports: Stock Exchange Markets, by index and sector, to identify price and trading volume changes, including bullish and bearish signals and market action tables.
  • Sector Reports: Sectors that have been markedly active in the day, by price, volume and value changes.
  • Stock Reports: Stocks that have been markedly active in the day, by price, volume and value changes, substantial shareholder changes and directors dealings.
  • Results: Tabulated financial reports showing Asian stock exchange-listed companies' seasonal monthly, quarterly, half-year and full-year financial results, including a two-year comparison of selected variables for half-year and full-year results.

There have been 193 Russian websites added to Web News. These websites include Russian Public authorities and government agencies. These are available within the file Webnews – Russian (Filename: WBNRU).




Accountancy News powered by Timetric


China M&A Review

Hong Kong

IT for Business.fr


ANPanamá - Agencia de Noticias de Panamá (Spanish Language)


RiskAssur (French Language)


20 Minutos (Spanish Language)


Citynews Italy (Italian Language)


Indonesia Finance Today (Bahasa Indonesia)


Indonesia Finance Today


La Tribune – Objectif Languedoc Roussillon


La Tribune – Méridien Mag (French Language)


La Tribune – Objectif News (French Language)


BeBeez English



  • PR Newswire Association LLC is no longer providing 3BL Media to LexisNexis. Alternate titles available on LexisNexis include: World Stock Wire; PR Newswire; Business Wire; ENP Newswire; Thomson Reuters ONE.
  • Graham & Whiteside LTD has been absorbed by Gale Cengage Learning, and as a result the content covered within The Major Companies Database will be included as part of a broader company dataset already provided to LexisNexis under the Gale Company Intelligence brand. The Major Companies Database (TMCDB) has therefore been removed. This source has not updated since May 24, 2013. Alternative titles are Company Intelligence – US (Filename: CIUS); Company Intelligence International – Int'l Company Profiles (Filename: CIINTL)
  • IAC (sm) Newsletter Database (IACNWS) has been taken down. This is part of our ongoing effort to clean up the source directory and improve the source selection experience for customers. We analyzed the content in these files and determined that most of the sources are no longer updating or are duplicated elsewhere on LexisNexis. Sources that were still updating have been moved into the ASAPII Database (ASAPII)
  • ddp Deutscher Depeschendienst GmbH is no longer providing content to LexisNexis. As a result the following titles have been removed:
    • dapd Basisdienst (ehemals ddp)
    • dapd Landesdienst (ehemals ddp)e
    • dapd Sportdienst (ehemals ddp)
    • dapd Themendienste (ehemals ddp)
    • dapd Dow Jones Wirtschaftsnachrichten (ehemals ddp)
  • International Computer Security Association (ICSA) Inc did not renew their contract with LexisNexis. Effective September 24, 2014 Information Security will no longer be available. Alternate titles available on LexisNexis include: Information Today; Information Technology Newsweekly; Inside Cyber Security
  • Special Report - Tax Foundation did not renew their contract with LexisNexis. Alternate titles available on LexisNexis include: Sales & Use Tax Monitor; Journal of Taxation of Investments
  • The following publications will no longer be provided:
    • The Architectural Review
    • Infotech Update
    • Journal of Southeast Asian Economies
    • ProQuest Content Select (Group Source)
  • Advisor Media, Inc. ceased publishing Mobile Business Advisor and as a result this publication has been taken down.
  • AHC Media LLC did not renew their contract with LexisNexis. As a result the following publications will be removed:
    • Bioworld Today
    • Bioworld Insights
    • Bioworld International
    Alternative titles include: Biotech Week; Worldwide Biotech
  • Eagle publishing Inc. did not renew their contract with LexisNexis. As a result the following publications have been removed:
    • Evans and Novak
    • The Global Guru
    • Making Money Alert
    • Winning the Future
    Alternative publications include Money Life; MONEY; Money Management
  • QFinance from Bloomsbury Publishing Plc ceased operating on September 2014 and its feeds will no longer be provided to LexisNexis. Alternative titles include: Business Credit; Financial Times Headlines; Forbes; FT.com Headlines
  • Douglas Publications, LLC is no longer providing its content to LexisNexis. The following titles have been removed:
    • Douglas Publications
    • Compliance Magazine
    • Communications Briefings
    • Facility Care
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