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December 2014

The titles below are linked to their entry in the Searchable Directory of Online Sources. Click to learn more about each title.

The release of an additional 16 titles for Russia is a fitting way to end the year, with more releases due in January. These titles are in Russian:





“Amitel” LLC

Biggest information source in the Altay region.

Biznes Klass Arhangelsk


Leading independent business newspaper of the Arkhangelsk region.

Dalnevostochnyi kapital

Izadatelskaya kompaniya “Zolotoy Rog”

Inter-regional business magazine, which covers all regions of the far Eastern Federal district.

Gorodskie Novosti

The municipal enterprise of the city of Krasnoyarsk “Izdateslskii centr “Gorodskie Novosti””

Official newspaper of the administration of the city of Krasnoyarsk and has the exclusive right of publication of normative legal acts of the administration of Krasnoyarsk city Council

Informacionnoe agentstvo Karelinform

KRPO “Information agency “Karelinform”

One of the three leading information agencies in the Karelia republic.

Internet gazeta NewsKo

“Reklamno-informacionnoe agentstvo ID “Kompanion”” LLC

The publication offers the main news from the business, political and cultural life of the Kama region.

Krasnoe znamya

CJSC “Gazeta “Krasnoe znamya””

The publication covers general, economic, political,cultural and social news mainly from the Komi region.

Regionalnoe Informacionnoe Agentstvo Voronezh

AIVR “Regional Information Agency “Voronezh””

Biggest news agency of Voronezh Region

Sovetskaya Sibir

Autonomous public institution of the Novosibirsk region  “Izdatelskii dom ”Sovetskaya Sibir””

Novosibirsk regional daily newspaper "Soviet Siberia" covers the topics of power, politics, industry, science and business, education and culture.

Tomskaya nedelya (Filename:  TMSNYA)

Pressa LLC

Online newspaper

Vechernii Novosibirsk

Autonomous public institution of the Novosibirsk region  “Izdatelskii dom ”Sovetskaya Sibir”

Urban social and political newspaper covers life of the capital of Siberia and Novosibirsk region

Vezhernii Kotlas

Izadetlskii dom “Yug Severa”

Despite the name, "Evening Kotlas" is read not only in the city of Kotlas but also in Krasnoborsk, Ustyansky, and Lena areas


“Redakciya gazety “Volga””LLC

Newspaper Volga is a social and political newspaper of the Astrakhan region.

Voronezhskii kurier

Autonomous institution of the Voronezh region “Gazeta “Voronezhskii Kurier”

Socio-political newspaper "Voronezh courier” is a publication of the Voronezh region and Voronezh.

Znamya Shahtera

ME “Redakciya gazety “Znamya Shahtera”

Information portal znamenka.info is the most popular in the city of Novoshakhtinsk

Zolotoy Rog

Izadatelskaya kompaniya “Zolotoy Rog”

Internet newspaper, which publishes news form the newspaper Zolotoy rog

The following publications were added from the publisher The Street.com Inc.

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS Jim Cramer and Stephanie Link actively manage a charitable trust portfolio and reveal all their money management tactics while giving advance notice before every trade.

MainStreet provides personal finance tips and advice covering lifestyle news, life-stage planning and financial resources. Topics include digital wallet technology, student loan debt, real estate, automobiles, consumer dynamics and retirement.

Option Profits contains trade ideas, daily strategies on how to properly manage risk and hedge positions, and commentary written specifically for the options trader.

Stockpickr tracks the holdings of many of the top mutual and hedge funds and super investors. This publication contains stories that highlight investment topics and portfolios. These stories provide a quick picture of how the market moved that day.

In Stocks Under $10, David Peltier, protégé of Jim Cramer, uncovers high-quality, low dollar stocks with extraordinary upside potential that are flying under Wall Street's radar.

The Daily Swing Trade features content from the leading swing trader Alan Farley as he helps sophisticated investors maximize returns by leveraging price mechanisms and identifying hard-to-find trading opportunities.

In the TheStreet.com Breakout Stocks, Bryan Ashenberg identifies 15 to 25 breakout stocks - largely overlooked - small and mid-cap stocks primed for incredible growth, using sophisticated stock screening software and his own fundamental research.

TheStreet.com Top Stocks features Helene Meisler, described as one of the best technicians on Wall Street, using short and long-term indicators to pinpoint imminent breakouts in stocks.

In the publication RealMoney, Jim Cramer and 30+ Wall Street professionals write daily, with actionable advice ranging from technical analysis to momentum market trading to reliable, fundamental stock picking. Real Money offers a wealth of advice and analysis for all styles of investing.

From Inside Washington Publishers, InsideEPA/Climate provides news, analysis, documents, opinions, interviews, and real-time updates on key events. It also contains a calendar which covers recent and upcoming policy developments.


  1. ProQuest Information and Learning lost rights to distribute the publications below:
    • Malay Mail
    • International Labour Review
    • Infantry
    • Native American Times
  2. Axel Springer Verlag AG ceased publishing Fonds & Co which has been taken down.
  3. Cygnus Business Media, Inc. sold the following sources listed below, and as a result these have been removed:
    • ForConstructionPros.com (Digital)
    • Equipment Today
    • Rental Product News
    • Concrete Contractor
    • Asphalt Contractor
    • OEM Off-Highway (Print & Digital)
    • Construction Distribution
    • Food Logistics (Print & Digital)
    • Supply & Demand Chain Executive (Print and Digital)
    • Qualified Remodeler
    • Kitchen & Bath Design News
    • Residential Buildings Products
    • Frozen Food Age
    • Pavement
  4. The following Newsquest Specialist Media titles have not updated since 2011 and have been removed:
    • Global Reinsurance
    • Insurance Times
    • Strategic Risk
  5. Boston Critic, Inc. did not renew their contract with LexisNexis. Boston Review has therefore been removed, it has not updated since August 2007.
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