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October and November 2015


Acteurs Publics — Nominations is a global media (print, internet, web TV, events), which comments and analyzes the functioning of public policy at the heart of the state and its satellites. This publication is part of the daily newsletter from Acteurs Publics, delivering a rubric with 8 nominations per day selected by the editorial team of Acteurs Publics. Published by Société d'édition publique.

Latin America

La Republica is a Colombian daily newspaper with a strong focus on economic and business topics, Publisher SABI-Servicos de Information Ltda provides a selection of English translated articles.


New sources from FFC Information Solutions adds 27 publications from and about India, covering various sectors like Human Resources, Transportation, Infrastructure, Telecommunication etc. Most are magazines/journals or web publications and include;

  • Indian Agriculture News
  • Banking and Finance: Policy Changes
  • Indian Sports: Industrial Collaboration
  • Indian Pharma Industry: Policies
  • Automotive: Plans & Government Policies
  • News on Fast moving consumer goods in India
  • Indian Industry bodies: Knowledge Papers
  • Policies on Gems and Precious Stones
  • Indian Real Estate News
  • Indian Education News
  • India Engineering news
  • Indian Oil and gas news
  • Indian Food and beverages news
  • Indian Government News
  • Indian Health care news
  • Indian Manufacturing News
  • Indian Media news
  • Indian Retail news
  • Indian Technology news
  • Indian Telecom News
  • Indian Transportation & Logistics
  • India Employment News
  • Make In India
  • Indian Economic & Political news
  • Government Initiated campaigns


We are pleased to announce that an additional 37 new Russian Newspapers titles are now online! This recent release includes leading titles from Rossiyskaya Gazeta and Versia. Over the past year LexisNexis has made huge strides in extending and investing Russian coverage with the following released in the last year:


Two new sources have been added from Federal Information & News Dispatch, Inc. including International Devices & Diagnostics Monitor and Inspection Insider.

The Inspection Insider provides news compliance advice and regulatory resources for drug and medical device inspection professionals.

The International Device & Diagnostics Monitor (IDDM) covers regulatory developments in the U.S. and around the world, including FDA and EU medical device regulations, joint inspections, UDI implementation, and regulatory harmonization and conformity assessments.


The following publications will now be provided from publisher Fairfax Media.

The Sydney Morning Herald, including the (Sunday) Sun Herald, is daily newspaper in Australia. It provides news of local, national and international interest along with ideas and opinions. This is the web version of the newspaper.

The Age, including the Sunday Age, is a newspaper in Melbourne, Australia. It provides local, world and business news and analysis, and dining and entertainment reviews. This is the web version of the newspaper.


IHS Shipping data is a source from the IHS Maritime, the largest maritime database in the world, evolved from the Lloyd's Register of Ships published since 1764. The IHS Shipping data provides unique vessel information, covering a Vessel’s IMO number, Group beneficial owners, Operator, the Ship manager, registered owner, Document of Compliance Company, Technical manager as well as the Vessel’s current and previous names. Publication is provided by IHS Global Limited.

Web News

A new collection of websites has been added under the file Web News — Brazil, which consists of websites and blogs from across the country that cover general, business and political news as well as the latest news on lifestyle and technology. Websites range from press sites to activist sites, websites of key institutions as well as academic and expert sites.

24 new websites and blogs were released including 18 new websites covering the automotive industry. Examples of these sites include China Auto Web — Blog, Cheers and Gears, Conceptcarz, Cars.com, Carscoops, Cars In Depth — Blog.


  1. Newsbank lost the right to distribute three of its publications: Orlando Weekly, San Antonio Current and Metro Times (Detroit, Michigan). As a result these sources have been removed from LexisNexis.
  2. Reed Business BV sold Zorgvisie and Zorg + Welzijn. As a result these publications have been removed from LexisNexis.
  3. Some NewsRx were removed from LexisNexis due to low usage.
  4. Access Intelligence decided to cease the aggregation of Defense Daily, Cablefax, Homeland Security Report, Space & Missile Defense Report, Helicopter News, C4l News, CablsFAX’s Cable WORLD and Defense Daily International. As a result these sources have been removed from LexisNexis.
  5. ProQuest no longer has the rights to redistribute 42 publications and as a result these have been taken down. These titles were no longer updating and were archival only. Please get in touch with your account manager for additional details.
  6. STANDARD & POOR'S CO will no longer provide the publications Standard & Poor's Corporate Profiles and Standard & Poor's Current Environment Reports. As a result these publications have been taken down.
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