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January 2016


Please take note of all the exciting activities around our Brazil content collection enhancement efforts.

  • Klooks is now available; Klooks is a licensed provider of financial data on more than 10,000 unlisted private companies in Brazil, in addition to corporate information about one million companies. The Klooks offering includes financial data by year, covering the last three years, by Brazilian company. For analysts, investors, corporations, the academia and advisors, Klooks offers a unique corporate intelligence platform with accurate, official and not easily accessible information.
  • Via Global Network sources LexisNexis has licensed Blogolandia, an online content production and distribution company, which has specialized in producing local content in a ‘content on demand’ style. Further Jornal do Commercio, a traditional business and commerce oriented newspaper in the Rio de Janeiro region.
  • Brazil News Groups; There are two group news sources for Brazil available on Nexis. Each file contains sources that are published in Brazil, and can be found in Nexis under Brazil Publications (English) and Brazil Publications (Portuguese).
  • Our Brazilian web news coverage grew by leaps and bounds toward the end of 2015. There are currently 1183 websites from Brazil now available in the Web News - Brazil source with more to come in 2016.
  • Re-indexing update! Brazilian Portuguese re-indexing has been completed, with five years of archive coverage now available to customers. Re-indexing maximizes the value of the content and means that the Brazilian Portuguese content will be easier to find.

Latin America

The following full text collection (20 titles) of Spanish and Portuguese language sources from Latin America has been added from Global Network Content Services, LLC d/b/a NoticiasFinancieras. Truly some of the widest read, leading publications in the region – covering some of the most visited websites, the leading newspapers around the continent as well as business magazines.


  1. LexisNexis no longer has the rights to the archive of Materialfluss, which ceased publishing two years ago. As a result, this source has been taken down.
  2. Jane’s Information Group publications, produced by IHS, are pursuing a direct content distribution strategy and will be ceasing all third party distribution of its content. Therefore, ProQuest Information and Learning will no longer be able to deliver the titles Jane’s Airport Review, Jane’s Country Risk Daily Report, Jane’s Defence Industry, Jane’s Defence Weekly, Jane’s Intelligence Review, Jane’s Intelligence Weekly, Jane’s International Defense Review, Jane’s Islamic Affairs Analyst, Jane’s Missiles & Rockets, Jane’s Navy International, Jane’s Terrorism & Security Monitor and Jane’s Terrorism Watch Report to LexisNexis. As a result, these publications will be removed from LexisNexis.
  3. TradeFair Group Publications Ltd. is no longer able to provide Power Magazine. It ceased updating and therefore will be removed from LexisNexis.
  4. Swisscontent Corp Zürich, Switzerland did not renew their contract with LexisNexis. As a result Swisscontent Corp has been removed from LexisNexis.
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