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January 2017

United Kingdom

Citywire has added the following new sources:

Citywire.it contains news and analysis on the Italian financial advisory community and the international asset management industry.
Citywire.de provides investment news and in-depth analysis for German investment professionals.

Dods has added eight new publications on political affairs and governmental institutions in the UK. These include:

Politics Home (online)
Total Politics (online)
Civil Service World (online)
Holyrood (online)
Public Affair News (online) 
PublicTechnology (online)
The Parliament Magazine (online)
TrainingJournal (online)


Global Retail News is the world’s only newspaper dedicated to international retail. They have recently added two new publications; Global Retail News (English) and Global Retail News (French). These publications include summaries from over 70 newspapers in every continent, retail-specific research studies and business cases.

Le Parisien added a new publication titled Aujourd’hui en France Economie. It is a special edition of Aujourd’hui en France which covers major economic phenomena, company events as well as subjects related to money and the job market.

Groupe Centre France has released 11 French regional daily and weekly newspapers. These include:

Le Régional de Cosne
Le Courrier du Loiret
L‘Echo Charitois
L'Éveil Hebdo  
Le Journal de Gien
L‘Eclaireur du Gâtinais
La Gazette de la Haute-Loire
Le Réveil du Vivarais
la Ruche
La Gazette de Thiers et d’Ambert
La Voix du Sancerrois


Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Berhad has added the publication Utusan Malaysia. This is an influential medium for the people to voice out their opinions towards the ruling of the British Government in Malaya. It contains news and current affairs, with regular supplements, focusing on diverse topics such as entertainment, fashion, music, health, technology and politics.


Fairfax Media has added a new source called, Canberra Times Online. The Canberra Times Online serves the nation’s capital news, advertising and information needs and has developed a reputation for providing quality reading and fair, honest and balanced reporting.


PostMedia publications has released 11 Canadian weekly newspapers from Alberta, Sasketchewan and Ontario.  These include:

Bow Island Commentator
Lethbridge Sun Times
Prairie Post
Coaldale Sunny South News
The Taber Times
The Vauxhall Advance
Maple Creek News
Maple Creek & Southwest Advance Times
The Shaunavon Standard
Prairie Post West
Thunder Bay Chronicle


Bridge Tower Media Holding Company has added four new publications. These include:

Carolina Paralegal News
Central Penn Business Journal
Lehigh Valley Business
Yellow Sheet Report

Publisher SourceMeida Inc. has added two new publications. Information Management provides up-to-date news analysis, commentary and insights concerning the application of business analytics, business intelligence and the full range of data management technologies. Money Management Executive is an information service for senior executives and other professionals at mutual fund, exchange-traded fund and asset management companies, whose areas of oversight include operations, technology, compliance and marketing.


Content Engine, LLC- Diarios Oficiais (Brazil) has added a new source called Diarios Oficiais. This source contains official legal, judicial and government acts, notices and news from Federal, State and Municipal levels of Brazil.


Knowledge Bylanes has released several new sources that cover business, financial and general newspapers, magazines and web publications mainly from and about Africa, as well as some science journals from the US and Pakistan. These publications include:

Al Akhbar
Business Day
Davao Today
International Journal of Academic Research in Psychology
International Journal of Academic Research in Public Policy and Governance
International Journal of Accounting and Financial Reporting
Journal of Public Administration & Governance
Journal of Sociological Research
Manica Post
Multilingual Academic Journal of Education and Social Sciences
Téla Nón
The Chronicle
The Sunday Mail
The Sunday News
Zambian Eye

Elsevier Science has also released the  Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences which publishes original research papers, original research notes, invited topical reviews and editorial commentary and news.


  1. Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is no longer able to provide India Transport Portal. Therefore, this publication has been removed from LexisNexis.
  2. The following McGregor BFA publications have been sold to another publisher and have been removed from LexisNexis:
    • McGregor BFA Financial Information of South African Companies
    • McGregor BFA Statutory Information
    • Johannesburg Stock Exchange News Service
    • Johannesburg Stock Exchange News Service
  3. Europolitique did not renew their contract with LexisNexis. The 18 sources below have been removed from LexisNexis:
    • Europolitics
    • Europolitics (French)
    • Europolitique (quotidient Francais)
    • Europolitics Agriculture (English)
    • Europolitics Monthly (English)
    • Europolitics Environment (English)
    • Europolitics Energy (English)
    • Europolitics Social (English)
    • Europolitics information society (English)
    • Europolitique Agriculture (Français)
    • Europolitique Mensuel (Français)
    • Europolitique Environnement (Français)
    • Europolitics new neighbours (English)
    • Europolitique Energie (Français)
    • Europolitique Social (Français)
    • Europolitique société de l’information (Francais)
    • Europolitics transport (English)
    • Europolitique transport (Francais)
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