Global Law, News & Business Resources

Global Law, News & Business resources from LexisNexis® services is your one-stop solution for critical international legal content and news and business sources. Be certain that your international work product is comprehensive and up to date with access to premier content, tools and resources.

  • Authoritative analytical titles–including 36 treatises and 22 country business guides from publishers Matthew Bender® and Lex Mundi®
  • World-class arbitration materials–including exclusive content from JURIS, Mealey’sTM International Arbitration Report and 28 case-law, directory and treatise sources
  • Primary law sources–including case law from 13 countries, comprehensive legislation from nine countries and legal sources for over 150 countries
  • Emerging issues analyses—over 140 unique international and foreign law issues
  • Law reviews and law journals–nearly 200 total
  • Superior news and business sources—thousands of titles available
  • Exclusive International Tabs on the LexisNexis services–for quick access to the foreign laws, arbitration and trade content you need all in one place
  • LexisNexis country websites–a growing collection of research services for Africa, Australia, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Japan, the United Kingdom and other countries and regions
  • Guide to international legal research–a great way to jump-start research on a new or unfamiliar issue, organized by jurisdiction and topic
  • LexisNexis® Global IP service–a powerful tool offering up-to-date information on global IP issues from over 220 countries
  • International & Foreign Law Community–a network of over 40,000 legal professionals with access to complimentary content and resources across multiple practice and professional areas
  • Gain Valuable Insight You Would Likely Miss through other Providers
    LexisNexis offers the most important sources and critical content you need to help determine the best course of action.
  • Drive more favorable outcomes
    Keep up with and deliver the best advice on often competing and contradictory laws to protect yourself and your company.
  • Reduce Risk
    Feel confident you are obtaining the most complete view of the complex international and foreign domestic legal issues your company faces today.

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