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Sheshunoff® and A.S. Pratt® publications, and eBooks, and webinars are now part of the LexisNexis® portfolio of comprehensive legal and regulatory compliance solutions.

Banking Law Research, Compliance Guidelines and Risk Assessments

Help Stay informed and in compliance with the legal and regulatory changes that affect your legal practice and business with the LexisNexis® banking law research portfolio.

Comprehensive online banking certifications on pressing topics such as Bank Secrecy Act, ACH, Regulatory Risk, and Asset Liability Management

LexisNexis is a premier provider of a comprehensive collection of banking information, compliance and analytical content. The banking law research portfolio at Lexis® includes:

  • Leading analytical content from LexisNexis® Matthew Bender® plus key licensed analytical content from ALM®, Aspen Publishers® and CCH®. Coming soon: the leading compliance titles from LexisNexis® A.S. Pratt® and LexisNexis® Sheshunoff® at Lexis.
  • Transactional and litigation news coverage including Law360® and Mealey’s™ Litigation Reports and licensed sources such as American Banker and additional sources from LRP Publications and SourceMedia.
  • Federal and state legislative materials including Title 12 of the United States Code, Code of Federal Regulations, Uniform Commercial Code and LexisNexis® StateNet® coverage, and bill history and tracking.
  • Banking case law from state courts, district courts, courts of appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Administrative materials and regulations including the Consumer Financial Protection Board, the Federal Reserve System, the FDIC and OCC, and selected state banking agency content.
  • Comprehensive online banking certifications on pressing topics such as Bank Secrecy Act, ACH, Regulatory Risk, and Asset Liability Management.
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Long held as the “gold standard” of analytical content for the banking and commercial practice areas, the LexisNexis® A.S. Pratt®collection includes industry-leading treatises, journals and newsletters covering key legal and regulatory issues within all major areas of commercial law.

  • The Law of Secured Transactions Under the Uniform Commercial Code
    Rely on this trusted source of analysis and advice on shoring up assets, enforcing security interests and bankruptcy law.
  • The Law of Bank, Deposits Collections and Credit Cards
    Find all the guidance you need to avoid legal complications for your institution or client involving bank deposits, collections and credit cards.
  • Brady on Bank Checks and Funds Transfers
    The leading publication on bank checks and electronic funds transfers designed to help you ensure that all your transactions involving bank checks and electronic funds transfers are handled properly under current case law and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • The Law of Letters of Credit
    Guides you through the entire life cycle of credit—including such essential steps as establishing, amending and terminating the credit, transfers and assignments. It includes all the U.S. cases and many hard-to-find international cases, so your research time is significantly reduced.
  • Truth-in-Lending Manual: Text and Forms
    Learn how to implement, apply and understand the provisions of the federal Truth-in-Lending Act and Regulations Z and M.

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With more than 100 how-to publications for banking and credit union professions, the LexisNexis® Sheshunoff® collection includes practical guidance through a wide range of sample policies, audits, checklists and forms—all designed to help you ensure regulatory compliance for your financial organization. View or download the Banking Compliance Catalog.

  • Risk Assessments for Financial Institutions
    A compilation of all the best tools from Sheshunoff® risk and audit manuals to help you identify, rate and mitigate risk for your organization.
  • Self-Assessment and Regulatory Compliance Review
    Organized by individual laws and regulations, this manual provides a compliance management resource for managers and contains in-depth discussions of the major compliance regulations affecting financial institutions, operational checklists and a risk-assessment matrix.
  • Bank Regulatory Compliance Alert
    The one-stop source of late-breaking compliance news and authoritative compliance guidance to help ensure that you stay on the leading edge of new compliance issues and requirements.
  • Risk Based Compliance Audit Program for Credit Unions
    Includes more than 80 detailed compliance review checklists, exhaustive citations, relevant regulations and requirements and more to help you minimize the chances of investigations, litigation and costly penalties.
  • Compliance Officer’s Management Manual
    Written for all bank personnel involved with compliance, this manual provides the tools needed to help you establish an effective and efficient compliance management system.
View the entire LexisNexis® Sheshunoff® portfolio at the LexisNexis® Store.

Previous customers of Sheshunoff Information Services can find information and updates below regarding the LexisNexis® Sheshunoff® and LexisNexis® A.S. Pratt® product portfolio. 

Product Information

CD-based resources: We are delighted to share with you an upgrade in content delivery for select Sheshunoff® subscriptions. With changing technologies and the lack of CD-ROM functionality in most laptops and PCs, we are now providing CD-ROM content on executable Zip files through the LexisNexis Store download center. Information will be sent in the next release with more details. Click here to see a list of the impacted titles.
Financial Services Compliance Expert: For customer support inquiries, please call 800.833.9844 or email customer.support@lexisnexis.com. To renew your service, please contact your LexisNexis account representative.
Pratt’s Letter: Pratt’s Letter is now available in print and PDF eBook format. Please note the website for Pratt’s Letter is no longer available. For the latest banking and finance news, visit the LexisNexis® Legal NewsRoom.
Dodd-Frank Updates: Email alerts for their Dodd-Frank Updates are coming from Dodd-FrankUpdate@LexisNexis.com. The impacted titles include: Practical Guide to the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Pub. #04843), The Mortgage Lender's Guide to Dodd-Frank Compliance (Pub. #04842), and Implementing Dodd-Frank Consumer Financial Protection Provisions (Pub. #04865). Please be aware so you can monitor any SPAM filter settings within your email account. The email alerts may have a slightly different look but the content will continue to be the same reliable, comprehensive content you have come to expect from author, James Pannabecker.
Workbench Tools: Look for updates regarding this product line of documents and spreadsheets.
Content on box.com: The A.S. Pratt and Sheshunoff content found at the box.com website was transitioned to the LexisNexis Store download center. Access and support of the content at box.com is no longer available. 
Financial Fraud Law Report: The Financial Fraud Law Report is available for sale at the LexisNexis Store. A compilation of the issues are available in eBook format. In addition, LexisNexis retired the RSS feed and website for the Financial Fraud Law Report. For the latest in financial fraud news, please visit the LexisNexis Legal Newsroom.
Calendar Products: The website service, Bank Compliance Calendar, is no longer available. LexisNexis has also decided to retire the Credit Union Compliance Calendar.
New Location for PDF Resources: A small number of PDF products are transitioning over to the LexisNexis® Store download center. Reference this list for impacted titles. These PDF newsletters are in addition to the growing number of eBooks available in mobi and epub format.
Release Numbering Change: As we integrate our publishing systems some minor adjustments will be made to ensure the ongoing accuracy of current content. Please click here for more information regarding a minor change in the numbering scheme in forthcoming releases. 


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